Advantages of an Infrastructure Managed Service

The explosive growth of the cloud in recent years has prompted a paradigm shift in IT strategy. New technologies have the potential to revolutionize service delivery for enterprises; however, effectively utilizing them can be a challenge.

For IT departments, keeping up with the pace of technological advancement is a monumental task. These employees already have workloads assigned, making it near-impossible to sustain working knowledge on new operating systems and software packages. And without a thorough understanding of these technologies, you risk undermining the integrity of your network security and performance.

That’s where an infrastructure managed service provider comes in. These service companies are specialized in maintaining comprehensive knowledge of new IT developments and using that knowledge to build and maintain reliable software and hardware platforms for their clients.

Case StudyAWS Infrastructure Managed Services for HealthTech Innovator

The Benefits of an Infrastructure Managed Service Provider

By working with an infrastructure managed service provider, you reduce the time and investment required to reach the bleeding-edge of IT service delivery. A combination of expertise and experience results in consistent, sustainable results that facilitate business growth in the long-term.

Let’s explore the advantages of turning to a trusted infrastructure managed service provider:

  • Reduced workloads for IT staff – Offloading the maintenance of server hardware and software packages to a third party will claw back valuable time for your internal staff. These savings can be redirected towards other internal projects, improving performance against objectives, and promoting innovation.

  • Instant access to industry-leading expertise – Rather than waiting around for internal staff to complete training courses, you can achieve immediate results using an infrastructure managed service provider. These providers focus heavily on maintaining industry-leading expertise, meaning your assigned engineer will be well-equipped to handle any workload you throw at them.

  • Scalable computing in the cloud – By opting for a cloud infrastructure managed service, you can benefit from auto-scaling functionality present on all public and private cloud platforms. Your service provider can supply more computing power when needed, to maintain growth without the risk of sacrificing service quality when workloads increase. This scalability eliminates the costly investment associated with upgrading your in-house IT infrastructure, while simultaneously boosting agility through on-demand resource acquisition.

  • Always-on support – Your customers don’t adhere to the usual 9-5, so neither should your network support team. In the event of downtime, your service provider will have a service-level agreement (SLA) guaranteeing a quick turnaround or compensation if the outage lasts beyond your agreed timescales. This offers a safety net for businesses, giving them peace of mind when faced with unforeseen operational challenges.

  • Offload the burdens associated with compliance – With the introduction of GDPR, we saw a significant change in responsibility for managed service providers. Now, the burden of compliance management is almost solely with the provider, as they are ultimately regarded as the ones handling your data by the European Commission. This alleviates anxiety for IT departments, allowing them to focus their energy elsewhere. Please do note, any systems that aren’t managed by your provider are still your responsibility when it comes to compliance in the eyes of GDPR.

  • A managed service with predictable costs – Moving to a managed service involves adopting new IT infrastructure. Before, you’d need to make numerous decisions on the hardware you need, how to maintain it, and how to ensure that your staff could maintain it properly. Your infrastructure managed service provider will take on all of these responsibilities, choosing the optimum combination of hardware and software to fit your budget. The costs for this service will be pre-determined during the assessment stage, meaning you get a predictable, fixed monthly bill for your managed infrastructure.

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Manage Your Infrastructure with Trianz

Trianz is a leading infrastructure managed services provider, offering a wealth of industry experience, and internally developed software packages that are fine-tuned to deliver results. Our proprietary Concierto.Cloud platform allows us to provide unified and centralized infrastructure services, enabling ambitious and innovative multi-cloud strategies.

Get in touch with our infrastructure managed service team, and discover how you can break free from computing limitations in the cloud!

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