Affordable Security Expertise Through Managed Security Services

Protecting the enterprise from fast-evolving cybersecurity threats is becoming increasingly complex. Someone somewhere is always trying to gain access to your corporate network. They could be working out of an office park on the outskirts of Shanghai, a farmhouse in rural Ukraine, or a basement in downtown Detroit. They may not even be a person; botnets work for free and they are on the job, 24/7/365.

And that is why it is critical for companies to have an effective and comprehensive security team round the clock. However, this expertise is not cheap. Few enterprises have the resources or budget to independently staff a world-class security center, in-house.

That is why considering a managed security service is the next step for any modern enterprise interested in flexible, comprehensive IT security.

Managed security services pools white-hat resources for affordable, effective coverage

Maintaining a credible security presence 24/7 is more than just staffing. The most challenging aspect is finding the right kind of talent - highly-trained, expert security professionals who understand the difference between heavy web traffic and a DDoS, or who can suss out a pattern in a series of apparently unrelated port knocks.

For the individual enterprise, this can result in a competition, both with A-grade competitors and professional security firms, with each of them bidding on a limited pool of talented experts - a war not everyone can win.

Expertise in security comes through diversity

This brings managed service providers (MSPs) to the fore who can be extremely valuable. With a diverse customer base and technology footprints across industries and geographies, MSPs can spot general security threats long before any in-house security team. MSPs have expertise in a range of customer systems and can identify emerging patterns before they hit the mainstream.

MSPs can offer long-term attention. Did you know that the median attack dwell time before detection in the US is more than 70 days? This shows that attackers are persistent. Having experts in every kind of attack vector can help your business to thwart attackers before they can gain a foothold.

Protect your enterprise from cybersecurity threats with Trianz

Trianz’s red team analysis delivers a hacker’s eye view of client network perimeters, allowing us to spot the vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. We offer 24/7 monitoring and threat response and have the expertise to maintain a large security team with dedicated specialists in various aspects of security like:

  • Virus and ransomware attacks
  • Phishing and other social networking threats
  • Protocol-level exploits at every OSI layer
  • Web and file server port vulnerabilities
  • Cloud-based application and storage security

Managed security services are the wave of the future for enterprise IT security. Trianz can offer you the best protection at a fraction of the cost of an in-house service. Get in touch today!

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