Data Maturity assessment

Growing Up with Data Maturity

All businesses store and utilize data to some extent, to provide services to their customers. Companies are achieving different levels of insight with this information, depending on the quality of the data stored and the ability of their personnel to spot patterns.

10 Nov 2019

Big Data and Data Warehousing

Grasping the Differences Between Big Data and Data Warehousing

The storage of digital information is commonplace in the modern world, with businesses having a heavy reliance on customer data to fuel growth and influence decisions.

06 Nov 2019

Performance Analytics

Expand on Your Company’s Story with Performance Analytics

Managers at all levels derive value from tracking key performance indicators (“KPIs”). They use them to monitor major components of business health and, at many companies, to determine incentives such as annual bonuses.

04 Nov 2019

BI and Business Analytics

BI and Business Analytics: A Bright Idea for Bold Business

When it comes to hiring high-potential employees, many thought leaders agree on the importance of a single distinguishing characteristic: emotional intelligence.

31 Oct 2019

Big Data Analytics Services

Grow Large with Big Data Analytics

Data lies at the foundation of almost every aspect of business today. From manufacturing processes to customer interaction, capturing and reporting critical data is a greater driver of revenue than introducing entirely new product lines was just a few decades ago.

25 Oct 2019

Interactive Data Visualization

Bring Your Data to Life with Interactive Data Visualization

We live in a data-driven world. From website performance to consumer behavior, data measures and tracks changes, highlights successes and failures, and ultimately drives decision making. And thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), the amount of worldwide data will only continue to grow.

21 Oct 2019

Migrating to Effective Master Data Management

Migrating to Effective Master Data Management

A topic typically under-represented in modern business, Master Data Management is quite often the single most critical system which can positively affect day-to-day operations.

16 Oct 2019

Data Governance

Getting to Know Data Governance in the Era of Digital Disruption

Data governance. To many business leaders, the concept is a bit fuzzy. Is data governance the same as data management? What exactly does it entail? And is data governance truly critical or is it just something that’s nice to have? The intricacies of governing data can be complex and confusing.

16 Oct 2019

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics and the “80/20 Rule”

Nearly everyone in business is familiar with the Pareto principle—sometimes called the “80/20 rule”—which describes an oft-observed phenomenon in which only 20% of the inputs of a process or program generates 80% of the outputs.

11 Oct 2019

Know your data

Know Your Data Before Setting it to use

Businesses across a range of industries choose to collect data on their customers as a way to provide them better and more useful services.

10 Oct 2019