AWS Serverless Technology: The Foundation for Agile Software Development

Since March 2006, Amazon Web Services has greatly reduced—or even 100% eliminated—the need for physical servers and other hardware to be physically present on the sites of small businesses and major corporations alike. The tech giant aggregates the functions of these computers in massive cloud computing server farms across the globe. The client now doesn’t even need to think about these machines as they relate to their production goals and business operations. Their developers simply build out applications and workflows on the AWS platform, services which are metered and billed to them according to their usage.

The upfront cost of replicating these services on-site, at a workplace, can be prohibitively expensive – within the realm of thousands and thousands of dollars. With AWS, all these costs are collated into smaller monthly service charges. Your company simply sets the dial on throughput and computational power needed for your project. This offers you an unparalleled level of scalability and customization at a fraction of the cost.

One advantage is not having to think of the day-to-day breakdown and maintenance that can occur with these physical machines. Have you ever had the unpleasant surprise of finding the database server your developers need to interact with keeps crashing? Things like failover clusters and storage redundancy are taken out of your hands and these types of worries are laid to rest. Are your project’s needs as simple as requiring increased storage space? You can simply add more space using the AWS client interface. The web service makes it easier than ever to make immediate, suitable, and reliable changes to give your project everything it needs to succeed.

What is Agile Software Development?

Agile software development is exactly what it sounds like: a methodology by which businesses use processes and procedures that can adapt, morph, and change as management’s needs and customers’ input alter product or service expectations and goals. In this fashion, efforts are more self-organizing and collaborative, and cross functional, contributing to a more malleable and robust software development lifecycle (SDLC).

In the past, such pivots in strategy were either reluctantly set aside or ignored entirely since the systems in place were simply too rigid to easily accommodate changes in project parameters. This older model, referred to as traditional or “waterfall” software development, was born and bred in a time before other technologies could enhance project adaptability. “Waterfall” denotes the downward, linear progression of project steps and segments. There’s a stark beginning and end to this timeline.

The other difference in this case would be how teams are utilized. Agile development isn’t linear—team members break out and tackle different components of the project separately but simultaneously. Considering all these advantages, agile software development can also get the project done much more quickly and efficiently. Really, we have technology itself to thank for this change in approach. Remote work, utilization of customer relationship management (CMR), mobile technologies, productivity tools, and other applications have paved the way for this kind of versatility

How can we help?

As an Advanced Consulting Partner and Strategic Go To Market Partner of AWS globally, Trianz wants to leverage the cloud to transform your business. Our Digital Evolution will migrate you off legacy systems onto the Cloud to make sure you are rooted in a more agile, seamless, and productive platform.

In addition to our legacy migration, we offer cloud and database migration, analytics, data center and Big Data improvements, software development and deployment, and implementation of DevOps methodology.

We have helped Fortune 1000 companies across the spectrum from healthcare, to retail, to high tech. Of note, Trianz has worked with the finance sector for over a decade moving these institutions to cloud-based operations and solutions.

Take advantage of what the cloud has to offer and dedicate yourself to a transformation with us. You can be sure your products and services will deploy more quickly, securely, and cost effectively.

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