Bolster Your Cybersecurity with Trianz-AWS Managed Services

As enterprises move to the cloud, there are many benefits to be had. At the same time, you are introduced to a whole new cybersecurity challenge - a public cloud like AWS operating over the internet, with your sensitive corporate data being transmitted to various endpoints. You can overcome this problem using a virtual private cloud (VPC) and a virtual private network (VPN), but there will still be an entry point through employee computer hardware. If you operate a BYOD policy, the severity of this security hole becomes readily apparent.

Trianz understands the concern enterprises may have when moving to the cloud. The server hardware is hosted in a remote data center, far away from your actual business operation. How can you possibly retain control over that hardware without being physically present?

Our comprehensive range of AWS managed services allow us to exercise control over your network in much the same way you would with on-prem. By leveraging our customizable toolset, we can deliver robust, secure solutions on the AWS cloud for our clients.

Security is the priority

Security is our topmost priority when it comes to any of our services. Many enterprises make a move to the cloud without the right expertise, overlooking vital cloud-native security practices and exposing their critical business data to attackers. We leverage platform-native tools on AWS, coupled with ISV security solutions to provide an industry-leading managed service on AWS.

Here are some of the practices and processes we use to bolster your cybersecurity on AWS:

  • Identity Access Management – Built into AWS is the identity access management (IAM) tools that allow you to limit access to specific servers, datasets, or applications on your network. This can be accomplished on an account-level, department-level, or through a limitless range of custom parameters defined by you.

    We understand the need for proper data governance. When information falls into the wrong hands, it can wreak havoc on your business. Leveraging IAM through AWS, you can restrict access only to those that need it, bolstering your cybersecurity in the cloud.

  • Multi-factor authentication – Multi-factor authentication (MFA), commonly abbreviated as 2-factor authentication (2FA), requires a second form of verification after logging in. For consumers, this is usually through an SMS text message to your phone or using an authentication app. However, enterprises need a more robust MFA solution to protect their networks.

    We have helped enterprises to implement both, software and hardware authentication solutions on AWS. We can automate the distribution of mobile authentication apps to your mobile fleet or lay the foundation for hardware MFA cards. Either of these options adds an extra layer of security when users log into your network, further bolstering your cybersecurity on AWS.

  • Credential renewal or re-keying – All enterprises should have a password policy in place to ensure that employee accounts are secure. All passwords should be rotated t per quarter to minimize the risk of credentials being leaked to attackers. In a Windows environment, this policy would be enforced by Active Directory, but what about AWS? The AWS Secrets Manager allows you to store sensitive user credentials across a wide range of microservices. Periodic re-keying ensures that these credentials are protected at-rest.

    We leverage AWS Secrets Manager to uphold security for our clients. The constant renewal and re-keying of credentials can prevent attackers from entering your network and causing damage.

Upholding cybersecurity on AWS with Trianz

Trianz is an AWS managed service provider (MSP), fully recognized by Amazon as a trusted development, integration and administration partner. Our clients benefit from the best-in-breed cybersecurity solutions on AWS, giving them the peace of mind needed to grow their business.

If you want to leverage AWS but lack the expertise to start, our experts can help. Get in touch today and start building a secure IT operation on AWS with Trianz.

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