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Many enterprises jumped at the chance to host their services in the cloud when it was first introduced over a decade ago. With this new enterprise computing paradigm, there was new complexity for IT departments to tackle. The cloud is architecturally different from an on-prem infrastructure deployment. This means that enterprises are unable to simply lift and shift their services to the cloud, mostly due to legacy software incompatibility.

At Trianz, we realized the immense potential of the cloud, along with the unprecedented hurdles you need to overcome during migration. Our experts have worked closely with hundreds of companies to successfully deliver digital transformations on the AWS cloud. With a new platform, there are new skills and competencies your staff will need to learn. In the interim period, our consultants can step in and fully manage your new cloud network. This gives you the time to upskill your staff with the reassurance and backing of our industry-leading managed services.

What is included with our AWS managed service?

We offer a wide range of managed services for the AWS platform. Our experts can take full control of your network or manage aspects of it to reduce workloads for your IT department. In both cases, our Advanced Consulting Partner status on AWS reinforces our extensive expertise on the subject.

Our service offering includes, but is not limited to:

  • Always-on client support – Our experts provide 24/7 support, 365 days of the year for our clients. We connect to your AWS virtual private cloud (VPC) using a lightweight bastion multi-factor authentication host called ARXWAY. This connection is always routed through a VPN to ensure that your corporate data is secure in transit.

    We leverage numerous ISV tools designed to simplify IT operations management (ITOM) in the cloud - one of them being our in-house ITOM tool, Concierto.Cloud. Our experts operate a personalized helpdesk, dedicated to your enterprise while the ticketing system in Concierto.Cloud allows us to keep track of incidents and service requests, so user and network problems can be quickly rectified.

  • Digital service integration – When you move to AWS, your applications will need to follow. Traditional business applications are often incompatible with newer cloud architecture, creating a conundrum for enterprises when migrating to AWS. The question here is: do you redevelop your applications or start afresh?

    Our experts have helped hundreds of our clients to migrate their business applications to AWS. If we determine that migrating these applications is impractical, our experts can curate a new solution that leverages modern ISV tools. By partnering with ServiceNow, our clients benefit from seamless software integration across heterogeneous cloud computing environments. ServiceNow can manage all aspects of your AWS platform, leveraging existing tools through a unified abstraction layer. This comes with the added benefit of preparing you for the multi-cloud, which we can implement if you outgrow your managed AWS cloud platform.

Why Trianz to handle your AWS network?

With the introduction of the cloud, IT departments have a new set of challenges to face. They may be able to get things operational but that does not mean everything will be configured optimally. Additionally, a misconfiguration can even put your enterprise in the firing line of attackers, creating unnecessary risk.

Our AWS managed services ensure that your network is fully operational and optimized. Simply put, we manage your network with flair, so you can focus on more business-critical workloads.

You may already be in the cloud or looking to migrate your operations there. Either way, our experts are available to simplify your IT operations on AWS. Get in touch today and realize your business potential with AWS managed services from Trianz.

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