Boost Your Marketing Efforts with DaaS

With the explosive growth of social media in recent years, the entire marketing landscape has changed drastically and become more cut-throat. Today businesses have various avenues through which they can market themselves like “social media influencers,” commonly found on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook with millions of followers—all of whom you can potentially reach by extension of these individuals.

This is, however, just a small piece of the entire internet marketing industry pie. Most of the companies are still heavily reliant on internal marketing, which requires a dedicated team and plenty of insightful data to create any value for your business. To ingest and process this data, you need ample computing resources and robust data management tools to integrate, store and analyze your datasets.

Introducing DaaS

Data-as-a-Service or DaaS has emerged as a resourceful method through which you can reduce the burden of data management on your IT and marketing teams. DaaS is a data management strategy that relies upon cloud computing resources to provide data storage, processing and analytics over the internet.

With traditional IT infrastructure, this type of data processing was cost-prohibitive. The rise of cloud computing in recent years has negated this problem with low-cost database storage and high availability of network bandwidth for the transfer of large-scale datasets.

DaaS assets and data types

When it comes to marketing, DaaS allows you to source Hard-to-Find Data (HTFD) assets more efficiently as compared to traditional data management strategies. With DaaS, these HTFD assets can be structured to supply a constant stream of insightful data, which you can leverage to boost the efficacy of your marketing endeavors. This is achieved through a selection of data types, which include:

  • Foundational Data – As the name suggests, this data type offers a foundation on which you can rely on to make critical business decisions. Foundational data is composed of internal and external sources, including HTFD assets, and acts as a centralized repository from which you can reference various business software tools. Some categorization fields you may see with foundational data include reference types and metadata.

    With foundational data, you can make decisions in real-time, improving enterprise agility. This data also allows compound KPIs to be generated, which increases visibility into the performance of your marketing efforts.

  • Onboarded Data – Most of the marketing data that businesses store is collected from online sources, but there is also significant value in customer-captured offline data. And data onboarding is a way to do exactly that.

    Data onboarding is the process of converting offline data sources into a format that can be used in an online environment. This data undergoes a hashing process to remove personally identifiable information (PII), before being uploaded to your database. From here, you correlate this data with existing category fields to identify users and expand the scope of your data analytics.

    To be clear, this data is not “offline” in a real-world sense. Rather, it refers to unique identifiers that aren’t tracked across the internet. You would take these identifiers and convert them into cookies, which are anonymous text files that sit with the client rather than your server. From here, you can track users as they navigate through your website and the wider internet, improving the depth of marketing insights and the performance of marketing campaigns.

Boost your marketing initiatives with Trianz

Trianz is a leading data management consulting firm with over a decade of experience in helping our clients manage their growing datasets. We can help you implement a DaaS strategy that maximizes the effectiveness of your marketing endeavors. Our dedicated team of data management consultants will assess your existing data management procedures and help you identify ways to extract maximum value while maintaining data compliance.

Get in touch with our data management consultants and start building a foundation for marketing success with Trianz today.

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