Centralizing and Streamlining ITSM Processes Across Your Organization

When good leaders look at their companies, it is almost second nature for them to spot opportunities for improvement—across every aspect of business. There may be room for greater collaboration between teams, stronger relationships with customers, an updated brand image or higher revenue potential. This largely stems from leaders’ natural desire to bring out the best in their organizations.

The same phenomenon occurs in individual departments—especially IT departments. As systems become more complex and the demand for rapid, accurate IT services grows, IT managers are seeing a corresponding need for better IT service management (ITSM). The market is responding with excellent ITSM solutions like ServiceNow ITSM, but implementing these solutions requires a special expertise. No matter which partner you choose to help you execute on your ITSM strategy, be sure to consider the points below to maximize the benefit you can gain from your ITSM solution.

Centralizing ITSM Processes

While we live in an age of customization and while it is important to find a platform that offers the features you need, economy of scale often beats out personalization at the organizational level. This is why finance departments use the same payroll system and sales teams use the same CRM tool across offices. Data centralization under a single interface has major benefits, including the following:

  • All available data can be extracted and distributed from a single source
  • All user accounts, including settings, can be managed from a single location
  • All business operations can follow mutually intelligible workflows in a single system

These advantages are available with a robust ITSM solution. In fact, ServiceNow ITSM unifies knowledge base management, service desk management and virtual support (among other features) within the same platform for ultimate cohesion. Once you can manage all your ITSM needs from a single portal, you will be able to optimize IT service delivery and connectivity in ways you may never have imagined.

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Streamlining ITSM Processes

Whereas centralization is a bottom-up operation that consolidates organization-wide input into a single set of basic processes, streamlining is a top-down operation that iteratively refines variations of these basic processes. In the context of ITSM, this means aligning IT service delivery processes with organizational procedures and objectives. These are some examples of processes that likely need to be aligned within your company:

  • The processes for on-boarding and off-boarding new users
  • The processes for submitting and tracking IT service tickets
  • The processes for pushing and pulling software updates

These are common needs in any company, though processes may differ from product to product or branch to branch, especially in larger companies (including those that have grown through acquisition). Introducing a single ITSM solution into your workflows is only the beginning. Bringing an entire organization up to speed on how to use it requires dedicated effort. Luckily, ServiceNow ITSM offers powerful integrations to help accelerate the rate of adoption throughout your business.

Succeeding with Trianz

The prospect of performing a complete ITSM overhaul—whether to replace an old solution or to integrate a solution for the first time ever—can be daunting for even seasoned IT leaders. However, you do not have to complete this process alone.

The unique value of working with Trianz is our expertise in assessing an ecosystem and designing custom solutions for ITSM implementation. We are a ServiceNow Specialized Partner and our experts have successfully implemented unified ServiceNow platforms for over 75,000 end users. We have seen vastly different system configurations with many Fortune 1000 companies, so we understand the nuances that separate your business from others in your industry.

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If you are considering a migration to ServiceNow ITSM, contact our team of specialists today. After learning more about your challenges and needs, we can create a solution that will both centralize and streamline your company’s ITSM processes for maximum efficiency.

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