Benefits of Cloud Managed Services

7 Benefits of Cloud Managed Services

Today’s businesses run on data—and lots of it. However, managing all that information can be tricky, especially with security threats, downtime, and system glitches in the mix. On-premises solutions are prone to such pitfalls, costing companies an untold fortune in revenue and lost productivity.

19 Jul 2019

Data Center Migration Companies

Five Tips for a Successful Data Center Migration

Before your company completes its data center migration, you have several major decisions to weigh.

01 Jul 2019

AWS PaaS Services

Leveraging AWS PaaS Resources for Smoother Product Development

Managing software deployments and updates from the ground up can be a daunting task—especially when it also entails managing the underlying infrastructure.

06 Jun 2019

Technology and Infrastructure

Is Your Business Ready for the Cloud? The 3 Dimensions of Cloud Assessment

In the Information Age, businesses are quickly learning that simply having their information and workflow locally isn’t cutting it. The entire lifeblood of your business rests in the files, data, and information you work with daily, so you must make sure everything is safe and efficient.

06 Jun 2019

Cloud-Managed Security Services

Three Major Considerations for Cloud-Managed Security Services

The cloud-enabled age of “SaaS” has fundamentally changed the software landscape and given rise to some of the world’s highest-growth brands.

03 Jun 2019

Modern Data Warehouse and AWS Thumb

The Modern Data Warehouse and AWS

A data warehouse is a central repository where a business or organization keeps all of their digital information. Whether numerous or few, these servers host anything that could be relevant to a business such as financial data, customer data, metrics, analytics, reporting, accounting, and more.

03 Jun 2019

AWS Serverless Architecture

Providing Business Continuity with Aws Services

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are crucial to the health and ongoing success of your organization. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, 93% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan who experience a data disaster are out of business within one year.

29 May 2019

Cloud Managed Services Thumb

Managed Services Providers – Nature and Need

The revenue, capital and cost pressure to meet the aforementioned requirements is, almost always, mammoth. No wonder businesses are increasingly partnering with managed services providers (MSPs) to:

27 May 2019


Aws Serverless Technology: The Foundation for Agile Software Development

Since March 2006, Amazon Web Services has greatly reduced—or even 100% eliminated—the need for physical servers and other hardware to be physically present on the sites of small businesses and major corporations alike.

10 May 2019

DevOps on AWS with Cloud-Native Services

DevOps on AWS with Cloud-Native Services

DevOps, a contraction of development and operations, is one of those grand, nebulous terms that seems to defy simple definition. It is therefore worth taking a moment to look at what exactly DevOps is as well as what it is not.

30 Apr 2019