Customer Data Strategies for Dummies

Fuel Great Customer Experiences with Great Customer Data

Building strong, lasting customer relationships is essential to any company’s success, but the question is how to do it effectively? Sending your customers information that is neither helpful, nor applicable to their interests or preferences is a waste of time for everyone. A meaningful customer relationship must be built on rich, multi-faceted understanding of your customers.

The key to creating a positive customer experience is data. Great data, that is. Data that helps to drive successful campaigns and encourages engagement throughout the customer journey. Data that provides an all-encompassing view of each individual customer, allowing marketers to create detailed customer profiles and cater to specific customer needs and interests.

Create a Customer 360 View

With great data, you can make the right offers at the right time to the right customers. The Customer Data Strategies for Dummies e-book, developed by Informatica and presented by Trianz, is a great place to start your Customer 360 journey. The info-packed book provides detail into the next-generation customer 360 view, and explains the concepts marketers need to know to manage and use data as the strategic asset it is.

By creating enriching customer experiences based on valuable data and accompanied by the right strategy, companies are able to:

  • Anticipate and proactively resolve issues, complaints, or service needs
  • Stay informed of the steps taken across all channels
  • Identify the next best action for the customer
  • Engage at a personal level for more rewarding customer service

Companies compete on customer experience. With the support of a comprehensive strategy for clean, connected data, marketers can create a complete Customer 360 view. And that lets marketers draw the right insights, predict buying behavior, and deliver a customer experience that is truly a differentiator.

For more insight into how to provide the optimal customer experience visit and download the “Meet Rising Expectations for Great Customer Service” paper.

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