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At many companies, IT teams are not growing quickly enough to keep pace with the extreme service demands of an increasingly digital workforce. Even in cases where companies could transition their existing IT service management infrastructure to the cloud, inefficiencies of dated workflows and temperamental connectors between third-party solutions would still exist. This would make the option of maintaining the status quo an expensive standstill at best. The ideal alternative is a platform that combines all the key aspects of ITSM under the umbrella of one robust but user-friendly interface—precisely what ServiceNow offers.

When it comes to IT service delivery, “SaaS” is more than just a buzzword: it is the key to gaining and retaining satisfied customers. Outmoded ticketing systems that impede productive expert action by preventing visualization of real-time system concerns can frustrate users inside and outside of IT departments. Fortunately, ServiceNow Service Desk solves this problem across the board.

One main benefit of migrating to ServiceNow is the ability it grants an entire business to rely upon a single system for the entire spectrum of IT service needs. This simplifies service requests and responses by creating one highly automated point of contact for anyone in need of assistance. Common requests can be identified and managed with stock replies or redirects to knowledgebase articles. More complex situations can be easily assigned to specialists by IT managers via pristine dashboards. Total ticket volume, time to resolution, and individual performance can be tracked with a high level of detail through in-app analytics. Perhaps most importantly, new knowledge produced through these interactions can be immediately integrated into service processes and made available to your entire network via the ServiceNow platform.

The financial impact of trading multiple discreet platforms for a single, powerful infrastructure cannot be ignored. Not only will ServiceNow’s comprehensive capabilities reduce your total cost of ownership for IT Service Management, but it will also simplify your expansion into IT Operations Management and IT Asset Management when your company is ready to extend its IT service foundation. This will all contribute to your bottom line by helping you avoid interruptions in production processes and enhancing collaboration between stakeholders.

Offering ServiceNow as a service can be more straightforward than you may think. Trianz can help you integrate your current systems with ServiceNow’s ITSM modules, ITSM platform, and cloud management, all of which will strengthen your company by increasing the speed and quality of IT service delivery.

Visit today to learn more about our ServiceNow experts and how we can help you deliver superior, timely IT service to everyone in your organization.

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