Digitalize Leadership with Trianz Pulse

Optimizing Employee Engagement

COVID-19 has shown businesses across the globe that enterprise-wide remote work is not only feasible, but it can also be a source of competitive advantage. As lockdown measures are eased and businesses adapt to the new normal, organizations will need a solution that can meet the demands of remote and hybrid working models.

Recently, Trianz recognized the need for a transformative workplace management platform with its launch of Pulse. Pulse is our dedicated digital workplace platform that connects a distributed workforce as well as clients, franchisees, partners, vendors, and other non-employee stakeholders.

Trianz Pulse dashboard displaying the follow-ups menu

Our goal is to bring people working remotely together regardless of locations and time zones. With digitalized workflows and processes that drive value generation, Pulse minimizes the anxiety and stress that comes with managing different applications and tools.

Manage Workflows with Ease

COVID-19 has transformed the human capital function. No longer are team leaders tasked only with routine talent management and outcome enablement.

While leaders focus on influencing the success of digital transformation initiatives, they also need to ensure they track regular requests, follow-ups, and general monitoring of business activities.

Digital Leadership with Trianz Pulse

With so much change management taking place, leadership teams will need to adopt a more granular and task-based approach for project management That is what Pulse has set out to solve. Our digital workplace solution enables HR and other business leaders to lead with dedicated functionalities to help manage workflows from a single pane of glass.



The Pulse approval management feature allows leaders to view and process pending approvals from management and employees. Approval list view supports filtering to narrow the scope of work, with self-prioritization or assigned priorities to ensure urgent approval requests are addressed on time.



Projects, tasks, and sub-tasks can be assigned to users with deadlines and dependencies to improve engagement and productivity. Leaders can follow up on the projects, tasks, and sub-tasks they assign, ensuring all project milestones and timelines are met. This includes a list view for all pending follow-ups, historic visualized reporting for past follow-ups, and a dedicated dashboard to monitor workflows.

Simplifying Enterprise Analytics

Trianz Pulse enables all stakeholders to perform analytics, visualize datasets, and access department-specific insights through the Pulse dashboard. From an easy-to-read graphical user interface, leadership teams can monitor employee engagement, track key performance indicators, and create detailed analytics reports based on custom metrics.

Trianz Pulse dashboard displaying engagement analytics.


Business Analytics

Business and operational data such as sales revenues, sales volumes, profit margins, KPIs, SLA, and other metrics can all be accessed and analyzed using Pulse. A dedicated analytics dashboard provides a visual representation of key business activities and performance with options to integrate with third-party BI and visualization tools.

The result is enhanced capabilities to analyze and interpret actions and insights. Access can be provided with role-based access controls (RBAC) in user directory services like Azure Active Directory (AD) or AWS Identity Access Management (IAM) to streamline governance and security.


Workforce Analytics

Pulse allows leaders to conduct workforce analytics for their business units or function. This provides a high-level overview of workforce data like open positions, attendance, learning and development, employee engagement, and satisfaction.

A dedicated workforce analytics dashboard provides access to detailed reports and monitoring windows, which can be easily shared with other stakeholders. Leaders can use these analytics capabilities to generate insight that can assist in proactively carrying out enterprise-wide talent transformation.


Engagement Analytics

Digital Transformation is all about value reimagination and experience transformation. Engaged and connected employees are not only more productive, but they stay longer with the organization and deliver better results.

Pulse enables leaders to analyze how employees engage with key organizational announcements, news stories, and social media posts to strategize and optimize internal communications. Customer engagement can also be monitored to optimize marketing and sales campaigns.

Leading the Future of Workplace with Pulse

Pulse is what today’s human capital leaders need to advance their digital workplace strategy. With Pulse, leaders have access to a seamless and robust communication and change management framework that can free up bandwidth to focus more on key business objectives.

While integration with third-party solutions from wider enterprise software ecosystems allows for fewer silos, improved decision-making, and transformative business outcomes. This makes Pulse the digital workplace solution capable of connecting and empowering even the most diverse and distributed workforces.


Manage the New Normal with a Digital Workplace

Digital workplace and experiences are critical not just for employee engagement, but also for overall DT success. Remote and hybrid workplace models are here to stay, and will likely be key to thriving in the post-pandemic new normal.

Pulse is the end-to-end digital workplace solution that can deliver an endearing employee experience, reimagined culture, and optimal business outcomes. Find out what Pulse can do for you by registering for a free demo today!

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