Driving Growth and Scalability with Cloud Analytics

Data analytics is not, as many tend to think, an entirely modern invention. The term “big data” was coined in the 1990s to describe extremely large data sets often used in the finance, science, and energy sectors. Since then, the amount of data produced and the computing power it requires has grown at an astonishing rate. The tools and techniques honed through various scientific disciplines are providing a platform for businesses to accelerate growth and make the most of their place in the market.

As data analysis has grown in ability and scale, it has increasingly moved into the cloud to recruit additional resources. In a short space of time, analytics on the cloud has improved the ease of use, accessibility, and capabilities of data analysis on exceptionally large data sets.

Areas where cloud analytics have yielded remarkable results have included:

  • Identifying patterns and extracting data from audio files, images, and video

  • Testing genome data to identify markers of genetic disease and finding potential cures

  • Studying logistics capabilities to improve product availability and delivery

  • Analysis of infrastructure to optimize performance and costs

For marketplaces where data collection continues to grow at staggering rates, cloud analytics offers advantages that data scientists could hardly have imagined 30 years ago.

Advantages of the Cloud

One of the most powerful features of analytics on the cloud is its agility. Cloud computing enables the addition of storage and analytics as needed—enabling businesses to ask new questions of their data on demand. These capabilities make it possible for organizations to respond in real time to changing conditions, traffic spikes, and major market events.

Analytics on cloud solutions can also help to foster collaboration and information-sharing on an organizational scale. Using a central access point provides faster access to a shared point of reference, which promotes better communications and shared insights.

Cloud analytics have benefited firms by providing:

  • Lower costs of ownership

  • Greater available resources to solve business challenges

  • Flexible platforms that scale to meet requirements

  • A single point of collection for diverse and distributed sets of data

  • A central point of access for clients worldwide

A powerful primary feature of the cloud is to gather data from every reach of the firm in a centralized location. This alone has solved many challenges often associated with modern IT requirements.

A central cloud portal enables data to be integrated from every part of the organization with ease. Leveraging additional data can deliver further insights that provide a competitive advantage to drive your business forward. Breaking down data silos is one of the most productive ways of using analytics on cloud solutions to utilize existing business data.

Trends in Cloud Analytics

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the advantages that analytics on the cloud can bring. Adoption of cloud analytics has more than doubled in recent years, providing thousands of businesses with a valuable boost to their revenue streams.

Analytics technology represents the starting point for business intelligence in most organizations. Data visualization services and data dashboards driven by cloud analytics are the most used tools to deliver insights and improve decision-making.

A leading voice in the field, the Trianz analytics cloud consulting team specializes in delivering solutions that put you in control of your business data streams. With decades of experience in the cloud, we find ourselves exceptionally well-positioned to deliver solutions that work across all types of organizations and data.

Our focus is on delivering the services and tools that enable your teams to interrogate your data, delivering actionable solutions to power your business.

Get in touch with our experts today and take the first step towards fueling your business growth with cloud analytics.

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