Eliminate Service Outages with ServiceNow ITOM

One of the most challenging aspects of working in business operations is the corporate response to changing objectives, which may feel to employees like unending directional shifts. Improving processes and effectively responding to rapidly evolving customer needs requires a high degree of adaptability. An organization’s threshold for change depends largely on how well managers prepare for, message, and manage change within their teams.

In IT departments, both planned changes (scheduled system outages) and unplanned changes (unscheduled service interruptions) are part of standard operations. However, these events do not have to be handled in a reactionary way. Their impact can be minimized with help from a robust IT operations management platform like ServiceNow ITOM. This post describes how you can successfully enhance your ITOM capabilities through ServiceNow.

Features of ServiceNow ITOM

The first step in understanding what you can do with ServiceNow ITOM is learning what it can do for your IT department. ServiceNow ITOM is extremely powerful, and it incorporates these three main areas of IT administration:

  • Visualizations of IT resources and the relationships between them
  • Tools for managing the health of IT services
  • Dashboards for tracking cloud costs

With these three capabilities, your IT team can rapidly identify the root cause of system errors, see how well they are being addressed by your catalog of services, and monitor how much your organization spends on web services, servers, storage, etc.

Since this is all available within a single, well-developed platform, your IT team will be able to laser-focus on optimizing operations for your business needs without being distracted by unnecessary development efforts. Perhaps most importantly for your larger organization, this will also free up IT staff to concentrate on the vital effort of minimizing system downtime.

ServiceNow ITOM for Scheduled Maintenance

Whether you like it or not, large-scale IT services require significant maintenance—updates, upgrades and the occasional overhaul—to support competitive business operations. How, then, can you determine which maintenance option will have the lowest impact on day-to-day business?

The ability to easily see interdependencies between IT resources with ServiceNow’s ITOM platform can help your IT staff anticipate which segments of your organization will be affected by planned maintenance and properly prepare related personnel. Additionally, ITOM analytics (and related ITSM analytics) can help your IT team zero in on the times of the global workday, workweek or work month where the fewest users will notice a planned outage.

A critical advantage of ServiceNow’s platform is the option of creating ITOM automations to streamline releases and patching, as well as logic for responding to pre-defined problem scenarios. You can think of these features almost like the service of a powerful AI assistant.

ServiceNow ITOM for Unscheduled Errors

If planned outages for scheduled maintenance are disruptive, then unplanned outages have the potential to be catastrophic. However, with ServiceNow ITOM, they do not have to be.

These are some of the exceptional benefits you can gain from the ServiceNow platform:

  • Immediate alerts pinpointing root causes of unexpected system errors
  • Preventive measures enacted automatically through operational intelligence
  • Actionable recommendations for routine problems

Through machine learning, ServiceNow ITOM makes it possible for your system to learn from events and your IT staff’s input, enabling them to be proactive in establishing a long-term ITOM strategy, rather than getting bogged down in constant repairs during surprise downtime.

Implementing ServiceNow ITOM with Help from Trianz

What if service outages could be a thing of the past altogether for your business? While this may not be possible overnight, Trianz specializes in assessing the technical needs of diverse organizations and designing ITOM solutions to respond directly to them. Through consultation with many Fortune 1000 companies, we have learned how to help organizations of all shapes and sizes adopt ITOM technologies to minimize system down time.

A successful ServiceNow ITOM implementation is within your reach. Contact our team of specialists today and take the first steps towards ITOM relief and more freedom for your IT team.

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