Empower Your Business to Do More with Azure IaaS

The number one asset in your business is undoubtedly its staff. Every employee has spent months and years steering the direction of the firm and moving its goals and ambitions forward week by week. It can be detrimental then to find your staff spending the majority of their time “fire fighting;” i.e., working to solve mundane problems and tasks as they happen within the business. Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform has the power to transform your business and put your staff in a more commanding role of the day-to-day.

In a sentence, IaaS allows your firm to respond more quickly to constantly changing conditions. Whether responding to internal innovation or external factors such as security, stability, or scalability, IaaS is structured precisely to allow your expert staff to handle key business issues in their own domain with efficient ease.

Used across multiple industries, common uses of IaaS include:

  • Data storage, backup, and recovery. Simplifying planning and management of data services, IaaS is indispensable in handling steadily growing and unpredictable storage demands
  • Website hosting. Modern IaaS can be more cost-effective and more efficient than conventional web hosting solutions
  • Test and Development. Development environments can be quickly deployed, changed, and shared using IaaS throughout an organization. The consistency, speed of deployment, and speed of development afforded by IaaS dev and test environments were unthinkable a little over a decade ago.
  • Big Data analysis. Data mining—seeking out patterns and trends in large data sets—is uncovering more and more actionable information in modern business. The most efficient, cost-effective, and quickest way to bring the advantages of big data into your firm are with IaaS solutions

What Azure IaaS can deliver for your firm

It is self-evident to IT departments and technically savvy personnel that cloud solutions can benefit tech departments by adding computing power while improving stability and reliability. What is less evident are the improvements Azure IaaS can bring elsewhere in the firm too.

Financial and legal departments benefit from Azure services just as much as IT, development, and test. Data stored on the Azure environment is done so in full compliance with up-to-the-minute regulations. The privacy and security demands of industry catered to by IaaS provides peace of mind and takes one critical component from the organization’s plate.

One of the common misconceptions of the cloud is its lack of security or loss of control by moving data from one location to another. The reverse is far truer. Microsoft’s data centers in locations around the globe protect data with two-tier authentication, biometric controls, and incident response teams that react to unfolding events as they happen. Very few alternate options have the security and dependability as Azure cloud services.

Why Choose Azure IaaS

The cloud computing marketplace is more competitive now than it has ever been. Multiple providers each have competitive business offerings with their own features and benefits. Below are some of the key features which make Azure IaaS stand out ahead of its competition.

  • Scalability: Pay only for the services you need when you need them. As demand rises and falls, scale services accordingly
  • Hybrid deployment: A flexible approach allows Azure to combine cloud services with additional resources to create a best of both worlds solution to meet your business needs
  • Compliance: Microsoft Azure is built to meet the privacy and security needs of business clients. Azure ensures the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any competing cloud provider.

The most powerful, flexible, and valuable resource your business has access to is its staff. Azure IaaS provides them the tools and technologies to do more and fulfill their full potential on projects that matter.

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