Enabling digital transformation through app intelligence

It’s hard to find an enterprise that isn’t consumed with the idea of digital transformation. Most businesses today are either exploring, embracing, or expanding the opportunities that it offers to dramatically drive performance, extend reach, deliver efficiencies, and so much more.

Whether a company is just beginning to focus on digitizing everything -- from its customer experiences, to its operational processes, to its business models -- or is taking steps to mature early efforts, realizing significant results will require that its business and IT pros break out of their silos and closely collaborate in these undertakings. In a world where application and business success are synonymous, it’s critical for these parties to leverage correlative views of technology’s impact on business performance.

There’s no doubt that there is a need for enhanced visibility across technology layers without sacrificing unified views of several next generation applications that are built as a collection of loosely coupled services which span multiple clouds, and consume tremendous data and computing resources. Given these settings, it’s becoming increasingly important to attain end-to-end app intelligence – that is, to understand how web and mobile apps perform from their origins in cloud environments, container tools and servers right through to the real-time end user experience, to ensure that digital transformation initiatives are meeting expectations.

Those expectations will grow as organizations register the positive results that some of their peers – and competitors – are already realizing from digital transformation efforts. More than one third of digital transformation initiatives are in the process of generating positive results, according to a 2017 Fujitsu survey. An increase in revenue was the main benefit, cited by 46% of the C-level manager and key decision maker respondents, followed by enhanced relationships with customers (44%) and strengthened competitiveness of products (36%).

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Time to take advantage of APM

Companies have a better opportunity, now than ever before, to harvest end-to-end app intelligence from their complex, multilevel environments. This will help them boost digital transformation results in these and other respects, including improved business efficiency and better business models and/ or processes.

Digital evolution consulting partners versed in applying application performance management (APM) solutions to support the insight requirements of traditional IT organizations are now translating their expertise and familiarity with the genre’s expanding toolset to also accommodate DevOps, line of business, and C-level teams that have become critical participants in progressing enterprise digitization. There’s good reason for doing so: As McKinsey says of digital winners, for example, more than twice as many leading companies closely tie their digital and corporate strategies than don’t. They also are less likely to be hindered by siloed mindsets and behavior.

Consulting partners expert in driving digital transformation efforts can bring APM to your enterprise, helping all invested parties better understand, from one end to the other, the applications that underlie digitization efforts, and improve them. They can simplify access to the information needed by both IT and business to put application and infrastructure performance into actionable business context.

  • Get the basics of application quality right.

Before advancing the cause of app intelligence to drive optimal digital business outcomes across extended business processes, providers with cloud infrastructure, analytics, digitalization, and security ecosystem knowledge can position your organization to manage the intricacies that surround everyday application and business performance monitoring.

Using solutions that monitor every line of code, every transaction, every cloud, every piece of supporting infrastructure, and every end user interaction point in application environments – at low overhead and with high scalability – the right provider will ensure swift and seamless traceability for rapid time to pre- and post-production problem resolution. That’s a one-shot help for DevOps and line-of-business personnel that together must deal with more frequent code releases in order to support speed of business.

  • Ensure unfettered business process journeys across highly distributed applications.

The growth of customer interactions with digitized processes that extend across multiple applications – which themselves live both onsite and in the cloud, and interact with numerous internal and external components – raises the stakes when it comes to enabling fluid digital experiences.

That matters to the CIO, DevOps, and IT teams as much as it does to the CEO and business unit leaders. Providers that can bring to both tech and business personnel solutions that offer single UI network visibility into these complex, end-to-end application matrices, and consistent controller deployment across multiple clouds, promote a single source of truth for all entities to collaborate over as they match network to business performance. If conditions are not optimal, the right APM technology enabled by the right provider also makes it easy to identify what problems in the application code or network layers are responsible for any negative impact, so that they may be addressed before customer satisfaction is affected.   

  • Extract business insights from business process journeys.

APM needn’t just be about gaining intelligence into app issues that you know are there ... somewhere. It also can be about proactively tracking application function and data flow end to end in real time – including for new Internet of Things (IoT) devices and associated software processes – and applying analytics to digitally transformed processes in the hope of discovering new business insights.

Consulting partners with analytics expertise can help a business understand how to probe for this data and leverage it in new ways that can potentially affect customer buying behavior, or have other critical business impacts. Findings, for example, can be applied to creating new personalized experiences for user interactions on websites and mobile environments, as well as in the real world.


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Trianz offers expertise in implementing APM solutions, such as Cisco’s AppDynamics, to support business’ cloud, SaaS, and onsite application transformations and innovations. Our years of experience in assisting firms across a vast swath of industries have provided a solid foundation for us to address your company’s needs, challenges and opportunities as it embraces digital transformation – an effort that requires staff at every level to profit from end to-end app intelligence.

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