Enabling Global Infrastructure in High-Growth Environments

If successful companies can be thought of as thriving organisms, then infrastructure—which determines corporate frame and form—can be thought of as a sort of business skeleton. However, just as with real living creatures, each metaphorical bone within the skeleton plays a crucial role in supporting limbs, protecting vital systems, and enabling proper movement. All the pieces must grow together towards the eventual maturity of the whole.

Infrastructure services exist to help your company reach its objectives through careful orchestration of many moving parts. IT service management companies create IT service management solutions not only reactively in response to your present needs, but proactively in anticipation of your plans. At Trianz, our competitive edge comes from having a team of veteran IT service management consultants who can address even the most complex problems with confidence. This post explores several fundamental aspects of infrastructure that we can help you improve.

Infrastructure Technology Services

The concept of infrastructure can seem vast and even a little overwhelming, but taking a high-level perspective can reduce it to its most meaningful elements. IT infrastructure includes all the hardware, software, and related networks and equipment required to support business operations. Bearing in mind that your IT infrastructure is a system, here are some important questions to ask yourself about its current state within your organization:

  • Do your physical workstations have adequate storage, memory and display capabilities for the daily work your employees do?
  • Do your software applications make it possible to offer your products and services rapidly and at scale?
  • Do your data centers, servers, and technology partners maintain responsiveness as well as you would hope?

As you answer these questions and define opportunities for improvement, Trianz can identify infrastructure technology services that will help you meet your business needs.

Network Infrastructure Services

Once your infrastructure technology has been put into place, your next goal will be to streamline connectivity and interoperability. The best way to guarantee that disparate parts of your infrastructure form a cohesive whole is to implement an airtight network strategy with three key targets:

  • Availability: Does it reach everyone in your organization and can everyone access it easily?
  • Reliability: Does it come with significant downtime, including planned or unplanned maintenance?
  • Security: Does it protect your data and assets from cyber threats?

Our IT service management consultants have years of experience assisting companies in tackling implementation challenges for appropriate network infrastructure services.

Global Infrastructure Services

Whatever technical services your company may need, choosing which solution to implement is only the first step. Global infrastructure services are vital to optimizing infrastructure across your business because they ensure your infrastructure technology and network infrastructure solutions function despite differences arising between business units over time.

Growth and expansion will impact your requirements, and you will need a trusted partner to help you manage updates, upgrades and enhancements. IT service management companies make it possible for you to monitor nearly anything when it comes to your IT services, meaning they can help you assess needs and predict outcomes merely by connecting to your data. The “global” aspect here is meant to signify “comprehensive,” or “total”—something that captures all that happens in your organization.

IT Service Management Consulting

With all the work surrounding successful infrastructure implementation, where should you begin? One of the best ways to know is to speak with an IT service management consultant, who will evaluate your current setup and make impactful suggestions for the benefit of your company.

While powerful and increasingly indispensable, IT service management solutions are also extremely intricate. At Trianz, we bring our extensive experience to bear in helping you reach full satisfaction with the direction your business chooses to take. Irrespective of the specific problems you need to solve, through our own advanced consulting services, we can guide you to an option that will pay dividends well into the future.

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