Expanded Partnership Between Salesforce and Snowflake Makes Moving and Analyzing Cloud Data Easier than Ever

Salesforce and Snowflake, two major cloud-focused companies, have recently announced an expansion to their already significant alliance. The announcement states they will now be offering native integration between the two cloud systems. This will make it faster and easier than ever for clients and partners to move Salesforce data into the Snowflake Cloud Data system. From there, the data can be analyzed and visualized using the powerful Salesforce business intelligence tools, Einstein and Tableau.

Salesforce and Snowflake have been working closely together since Salesforce acquired a stake in Snowflake during a Series G round of funding that took place in February of 2020. This round of funding brought in $479 million from multiple investors. The specific size of the stake that Salesforce now has in Snowflake has not been disclosed at this time.

Streamlining Connectivity Between Clouds


Storing data gathered from the Salesforce CRM platform onto the Snowflake data cloud is something that a large number of customers and partners have already been doing for quite some time. Prior to this new native integration, however, it was a more time-consuming process that required the use of third-party tools and professional services. By eliminating several cumbersome steps in this process, it will now be possible for businesses to bring all their data together more quickly and accurately in the Snowflake Data Warehouse.

Case StudySalesforce Application Support & Maintenance

Matt Feyling, Vice President – New Business Development at Trianz commented on this expansion of the Salesforce/Snowflake partnership saying, “We are excited to see that there will be a native integration between the Salesforce systems and the Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse. This powerful new interface will save a significant amount of time and effort for our consultants and our clients. Our experts are thrilled that they will be able to quickly set up these systems and implement rapid analytics and visualization of data using Salesforce Einstein and Tableau tools. In a world where data is at the heart of virtually every business decision, it is partnerships like this that will help us push our clients’ IT strategy to the next level. Congratulations to the teams at both Salesforce and Snowflake.”

Eliminating Silos and Bunkers


Having all relevant data stored together in one place allows companies to look at the complete picture of their business environment. Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse is configured to allow both raw and processed data to be stored together rather than using siloed or bunkered environments. Adding the native connection from Salesforce further streamlines the process of data collection. Companies can now quickly bring together data from any source including web activity, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, any business applications, and of course Salesforce data.

When all your data is stored in a central warehouse, you can access it and use it in incredible ways thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using the new native interface, you will be able to actively analyze data using the Salesforce Einstein tool. Einstein is an artificial intelligence technology that can provide you with near-instant machine-generated insights, make accurate predictions of outcomes, and automate tasks automatically—all based on the data gathered for and by your company. That data can then be further utilized by turning it in to visual, actionable intelligence thanks to the Tableau tool that Salesforce purchased in 2019.

Trianz eager to take advantage of this new partnership


Trianz is a Consulting Partner with both Salesforce and Snowflake. Our consultants have already been working closely with both of these companies to ensure we understand exactly how this new native interface will work, and how to set it up properly for our clients. If your business uses Salesforce CRM, or any of the popular services from Salesforce, and you store data with Snowflake, we are prepared to make this connection easier and more powerful than ever.

If your business is not yet taking advantage of the benefits offered by these cloud systems, now is an opportune time to move in this direction. Trianz consultants are available to discuss exactly how these systems can be used in your business and begin the process of taking full advantage of the exciting expanded relationship between Salesforce and Snowflake.

Please contact us to set up a consultation so we can discuss your current systems, and what you want your cloud future to look like.

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