Five Tips for a Successful Data Center Migration

Before your company completes its data center migration, you have several major decisions to weigh. Whether you are moving from on-site servers to the cloud or from one cloud provider to another, it is crucial to have a qualified data center migration consultant on your side. At Trianz, our industry experts are available to assist you through the upgrade process. This article offers a glimpse into the kind of advice you will benefit from by working with our experts.

Tip 1: Take the opportunity to evaluate your data architecture.

A move as significant as a data center migration to cloud can provide an excellent opportunity to take stock of your current ecosystem and ensure it meets all your business needs. Before choosing a cloud provider, you should ask two important questions:

  1. How is my organization gathering and storing data to ensure a long-term competitive edge?
  2. Which data center migration service best aligns with my organization’s present and future goals?

Migrating data to a new service involves much more than simply choosing a provider and pulling the trigger. It is a highly strategic pursuit that should be built upon your business objectives and aspirations.

Tip 2: Choose an industry-leading cloud solution.

Although there are many data center migration companies on the market, there are fairly few trusted cloud solutions. The complexity of the migration process demands an elevated level of expertise, and the best options tend to be players that have been in the space for at least several years.

For instance, data center migration to the AWS cloud (Amazon) is nearly universally recommended, closely followed by the Azure cloud (Microsoft). The immense experience backing these products and their parent companies brings with it an extraordinary likelihood for success, which is why we suggest partnering with one of them.

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Tip 3: Use the same cloud solution across business units.

While you are selecting a cloud partner, it is important to consider the impact your choice will have across business units, offices and locales. This means first that you will need to choose a cloud solution that offers local support near your major offices. It also means that you may need to persuade stakeholders in those offices of the virtues of adopting a unified service. Here are some advantages of using the same provider globally:

  1. Better interoperability of systems and data structures across departments
  2. Rapid implementation of new features relevant to your business
  3. Simplified invoicing for cloud services

These are only a few of the benefits you will gain from standardizing your solution throughout your whole operation.

Tip 4: Communicate expectations clearly and early.

Speaking of stakeholders, not only is it important to get buy-in from everyone before your data center migration to cloud, but it is also critical to define the rollout messaging and to test it for blind spots well in advance of the go-live date. Our data center migration consultants will help you answer these questions about your communication policy:

  1. Who needs to know about the migration?
  2. Who can best facilitate it on each affected team?
  3. What information should be sent to different parts of the organization?

Whether you proceed with a data center migration to the AWS cloud or some other portfolio, communicating the right message to the right people up front will eliminate much of the headache you might otherwise experience by leaving it to chance.

Tip 5: Execute on your plan with confidence.

If you follow Tips 1-4 above, then you will be able set your plan into motion with confidence that it will run smoothly. However, it is important to act decisively, once you have identified your path. Although there are many possible data center migration services on the market, our data center migration consultants can help you develop an airtight implementation plan that will not be overwhelming to achieve.

You can count on Trianz to help you identify the best data center migration companies and strategy for your needs.

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