How Digital Business is Driving App & Data to Azure

Disruptive business models in every industry and geography are forcing unprecedented change and digitization of products, services, and operations.

Enabled by new technologies – cloud, analytics, digital, and security – upstarts are continuously deploying innovative solutions. To compete and maintain loyalty, incumbent leaders are rethinking their strategies.

At the foundation of upstarts’ success are flexible and scalable cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, that foster agility and speed time-to-market. Given these advantages, it’s not enough to be cloud friendly. Now is the time to be cloud-first.

Business Benefits from Cloud Migration

Migrating existing workflows and data to Azure, in proximity to native cloud apps, expedites the digitization of services, operations, and customer experience. This leads to the following benefits:

Customer Reach & Intimacy – Moving apps like SharePoint and CRM to the cloud allows their integration with mobile and social platforms that reach more customers, through new channels, and at lower cost. Other cloud apps that extend reach include mobile banking, eHealth, and eGovernment.

Business Agility & Innovation – The cloud gives developers more agility to innovate in smaller groups and trial disruptive ideas without reliance on the infrastructure team and with less risk and cost. Within the Azure DevTest Lab, developers can quickly provision resources, build code, and integrate technologies via standards-based APIs.

Time-to-Market – Faster app release cycles yield delivery of new customer services. Instead of a few times a year, Azure’s integrated tools, from mobile DevOps to serverless computing, allow updates a few times a day -- the difference between gaining advantage and losing share.

Improved IT Infrastructure

Versus legacy platforms, Azure provides numerous technology benefits as follows:

Reduced Deployment Time – Cloud architectures offer faster infrastructure deployments and app releases. Azure workflows can be provisioned in minutes from Azure DevTest Labs versus weeks for legacy platforms, and partitioned into agile micro-services.

Scalability & Performance – Azure is built to scale fast with varied workloads at high performance. Its familiar Microsoft tools, as well as open source solutions, like Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Chet, help auto-scale cloud resources with spikes in demand.

Deployment Flexibility – Cloud apps are well suited for businesses with fluctuating demand. Elastic cloud platforms are often used for massive data analysis and spiking workloads that require compute bursts during cyclical or unpredictable demand.

Reduced Cost - Due to Azure’s agile and efficient infrastructure, resource utilization is higher, bursting is more economical, and open source tools allow for easier management. This all leads to lower cost of IT.

Stronger Data Management

Structured and unstructured cloud data combined with valued on premise info, including in Microsoft SQL Server, is driving these unique benefits:

Simplified Administration – Easier cloud RDB management drives operational efficiencies as upgrades and 24x7 maintenance are handled by cloud providers. Leading-edge tools, like cloud backup and disaster recovery, are more accessible, and version control is minimized.

Advanced Security – Cloud RDBs are built with strong threat prevention including robust access control, isolated VM instances, IPSec VPN connections, and encryption at rest and in transit. Many offer compliance features, such as PCI governance, that evolve with changing business needs.

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The Azure Advantage

With the most data center regions worldwide, consistent hybrid offerings, and broad AI functionality, Microsoft Azure is a market leading cloud platform for application migration.

Azure’s security, management, and big data innovation, such as cognitive and machine learning services, help drive a strong business advantage.

Strong candidates for Azure migration include:

  • DevTest and DevOps
  • Web, mobile, & ecommerce apps 
  • Custom legacy apps
  • Data analysis
  • Backup and recovery

The Trianz Approach

Trianz’ helps clients evaluate critical success factors before workload migrations from legacy platforms to Microsoft Azure. Cloud experts help justify why and how to migrate each application and outcomes to expect.

After this evaluation, Trianz helps business and IT leaders develop a prioritized list of workloads and DevTest platforms to move, broken into stages, and likely some that should stay on premise.

They guide this list’s creation through critical application and enterprise level considerations. With this approach, organizations can determine the true migration benefits and costs for each application.

  • API Management
  • App Service
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Container Service
  • Azure DevTest Labs
  • Azure Search

Popular Azure Services Include:

  • API Management
  • App Service
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Container Service
  • Azure DevTest Labs
  • Azure Search
  • Backup
  • Cognitive Services
  • Data Factory
  • Machine Learning Studio
  • Media Services
  • Microsoft Azure Portal
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • SQL Data Warehouse
  • SQL Database
  • Storage
  • Virtual Machines

Next Steps

When business and technical benefits exceed migration and opportunity cost, it’s time to build an Azure business case and transition plan.

As a strategic managed services partner, Trianz offers a customized Azure migration roadmap to achieve service-oriented infrastructure and service catalogs.

Our experienced professionals maintain numerous Azure Certifications across all critical aspects of Microsoft cloud services. And they use proprietary tools and templates to discover, assess, analyze, and recommend execution plans for the cloud journey.

Contact Trianz to take the next step and move to Microsoft Azure.

Trianz is Microsoft Silver Partner and Managed Services Provider for Azure. Offerings include:

  • Azure Readiness Assessment & Migration Roadmap
  • Azure DevTest and DevOps environments
  • .NET, Windows & SharePoint application migrations
  • SQL Server and non-Microsoft database migration
  • Azure-native business applications, big data, and analytics
  • Azure workload managed services

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