How Managed Security Services Help Prevent Security Threats

Today, online interactions are leading to some of the world’s most complex and critical data processing quandaries. And yet, it is hard to imagine a disconnected world. From banking transactions to airline operations, every online interaction is important with little room for errors.

As companies strive to grow and expand their online presence, they often focus too much on their marketing and sales targets and tend to forget or ignore the security threats to their system. This is justifiable to some extent as managing the security of a system does not bring immediate benefits, rather it tends to increase operating costs.

Besides, managing the security of a computer system’s network is not an easy undertaking and can adversely affect the company in case of slightest mistake. This is where Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) come in.

How MSSPs work?

MSSPs are third-party vendors who specialize in providing security to systems connected to the internet as well as the intranet. They enable businesses to shift their focus on providing value-added services to their customers rather than stressing about security and compliance-related issues.

In recent years, this has become a large, profitable industry, with several major players like IBM and Verizon jumping in the fray. All MSSPs have their own way of ensuring security. Here, we will examine how they work and implement managed security services solutions.

  • A foolproof system setup: A typical attack prevention system comprises multiple layers of security to make it foolproof. It is common knowledge that no level of security is too much, and that one can always do better. So, a MSSP starts by putting an intrusion detection system (IDS) in place, which constantly tracks and monitors all traffic in and out of the system and alerts the relevant personnel in case of any unexpected or suspicious activity.
    If this system fails for any reason or is not able to do its job in time, MSSPs will also place an immediate second line of defense known as intrusion prevention system (IPS). IPS is more important as it can handle the detected threats efficiently in contrast to IDS. In an ideal scenario, both these systems should work in sync. There are other tools as well like firewalls and anti-virus programs, but it depends on the needs of each type of system.
  • An adequate response plan: Tools and programs are only as good as their implementation. One cannot just randomly choose and implement a few tools and expect all their problems to be solved. Instead, it requires comprehensive analysis followed by a proper plan that details what needs to be done in case of an attack. This includes a proper chain of command, contact information for individuals responsible, network diagrams, data analysis and legal issues among other things. Data is the most important asset and every other measure revolves around how to protect it.
  • Onsite and remote training: Combating security threats is as much about human shortcomings as about systems. No matter how adequate or sound a system’s security may be, if its users are negligent or do not have the relevant knowledge, they are bound to make mistakes that can bypass all automated security measures implemented through various tools and programs. Therefore, it is very important for companies to ensure that their employees (on-premises and remote) are well-versed with security best practices and are aware of the consequences in the event of a system failure.

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