How to Deliver ServiceNow as a Service

As IT teams struggle to keep up with the business demands imposed by the large organizations that house them, they cannot turn to cloud migration alone to bridge the gap. There’s another level to reach. Leveraging IT Service Management (ITSM) as a service, at the service of your entire company will empower your non-IT employees without exhausting your IT resources and budget. In this “How To,” we’ll explore some of the benefits and practicalities of delivering ServiceNow as a Service via its broad range of ITSM modules.

As stated, the present reality is that at many large companies, IT teams are not properly equipped to keep up with the needs of an increasingly digital workforce. Even in cases where companies have the opportunity to leverage the cloud for IT service management infrastructure, several dilemmas still persist:

  • Inefficient and dated workflows
  • Temperamental connectors between third-party solutions
  • The high costs of software ownership
  • Unutilized software, aka “software bloat”

These issues would make the option of maintaining the status quo an expensive standstill at best. The ideal alternative is a platform that combines all of the key aspects of ITSM under the umbrella of one robust but user-friendly interface—precisely what ServiceNow offers.

Now that we’ve identified our go-to solution in this space, ServiceNow, let’s discuss how Trianz goes about integrating this complete solution package into your enterprise—with zero downtime or disruption. But first, you may be wondering: why do I need a managed service provider to integrate ServiceNow? Although ServiceNow may not be complex, it is vast. You could spend over a decade exploring all the nooks and crannies of it, as well as mastering its different use cases and implementations—exactly what we have done.

Clearly, not all of its features will make sense for your organization. Other features, however, if properly utilized, could revolutionize the way you do business. Once our consultants have taken the time to learn the ins and outs of your company, the market context, and the persistent internal hurdles that you face, we’ll know exactly which solutions to plug in first as priority.

In a sense, our model follows the ServiceNow model in that we adapt to our clients’ needs in a scalable, cost-effective, and business-forward manner. We don’t force technology where it doesn’t serve a tangible purpose. Not everything should be automated. Not everything is broken and therefore needs to be fixed. What we care about more than anything else is: does this make sense from a business-financial perspective? Is this something that will actually be used to optimize operations, create clear cost-savings from the get-go, and generate significant ROI over the long term? We collaborate with you to figure all of this out and create an ambitious yet executable action plan with predictable results.

By maximizing process management, expansion and delivery from experts, as well as via their self-service catalog of on-demand tools, ServiceNow enables you to integrate a scalable and cost-effective ITSM solution. This is the power of IT Service Management as a Service with ServiceNow as the driver.

Other positive impacts and outcomes you can expect include:

  1. Cost reduction: With ServiceNow, you don’t need to own everything. Our software usage analytics approach allows to determine which software applications and features your teams really need, really use, and really see results from. With the ServiceNow self-service catalogue, you are free to pick and choose products on-demand as you need them.

  2. An enhanced platform: with rapid sprints to IT Operations Management, IT Asset Management, and other key capabilities. Having everything you need to at your fingertips in one view, on the cloud, is what it takes to move at the speed of information.

  3. More time: With IT and non-IT moving in sync at last, what would you do with extra time and budget? You could do as many of our previous clients have done, and work with business partners on creating new outcomes through cost savings, fast delivery times, and a better quality of service.

We hope you have gotten the gist by now as far as what we do. At Trianz, we believe in a modern approach to helping clients migrate to new platforms by focusing not only on technical capabilities, but also on the business outcomes of the migration. Both large and small companies are sensitive to the bottom line, and we recommend ServiceNow because of the impact we have seen it have on productivity and innovation in many different scenarios. The fact is that with adaptive integrations, cloud management and a wide range of ITSM modules, ServiceNow can respond to virtually any need you may have, including some you may not yet even have considered.

If you represent a large enterprise and are ready to continue this how-to discussion with a Trianz expert, reserve an appointment to speak to one today. Our goal is to make our approach to SUA crystal clear, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website at

For additional reading, be sure to check out our blog article on Delivering ServiceNow as a Service, which takes a different angle on some of the information presented in this document.

Trianz is a global leader in managed services for IT improvement. If you’re looking for solutions that are cutting-edge and cost-effective, as well as predictable business outcomes with priority on security and scalability—we know the right solutions for you.

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