Implementing an Azure Data Lake into a Microsoft-Focused Environment

For businesses that already rely on Microsoft products, Microsoft’s Azure cloud offers a simple solution for hosting your data lake. The Azure platform is reliable, affordable, and offers stability through geo-redundant deployment capabilities supported by industry best-practices and standards.

Seamless integration with existing Microsoft environments

There are many benefits to choosing Azure for your data lake deployment, especially if your environment already relies on Microsoft enterprise services, such as:

  • Active directory integration – You can integrate your existing active directory environment, with Azure, to manage roles and permissions over your data lake and other resources.

  • Compatible tools – Most existing Microsoft enterprise tools, such as SQL Management Studio, can be used for analyzing data, uploading information, and manipulating files.

  • Comfortable GUI – Access your Azure data lake via a web browser interface or storage explorer application. Both offer a familiar experience to your users.

Advantages of Azure

Beyond the simplicity of implementation, Azure offers a variety of advantages when hosting a data lake. Azure is an industry-proven cloud and is supported by some of the most talented developers in the world. In Azure’s data lake service, customers can expect:

  • Limitless data – Individual files can be over a petabyte in size and each data lake can contain trillions of individual objects.

  • Enterprise security – Data security on the Azure cloud is unparalleled in the industry. Azure supports and often defaults to encryption of data at rest, and in transit. Organizations can integrate existing single sign-on (SSO), which makes managing user permissions more efficient.

  • Endless growth – One of the most important requirements of any data lake is the availability of storage now and far into the future. The Azure cloud infrastructure is constantly growing and being innovated, so there is never a worry that system resources will not be there when they are needed.

Analyzing and interacting with data on an Azure Data Lake

When searching for cloud data lake solutions, one of the most important factors to consider is the options for analyzing and interacting with the data. One of the advantages data lakes offer is that data from diverse sources is available in one location and without any cumbersome obstacles. An Azure-hosted data lake allows companies to interact with their data in many ways. It can be consolidated to create informative reports or the data can be analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI), also offered by Microsoft. These are just a few of the many ways businesses can harness their data and transform it into valuable business intelligence that can generate action.

Choosing Trianz

Trianz has been a Gold-tier Microsoft Partner and Azure Managed Service Partner, since 2015. Our staff of experts, architects, and engineers have successfully supported many a wide variety of data lake use cases. Get in touch with our consulting team to design, construct, and deploy data lakes that can deliver value for your organization.

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