Improved visibility: ITSM's greatest USP

IT support is crucial in the modern business world, but that doesn’t mean non-IT people actually know what it is. One of the greatest but least celebrated advantages of a solid ITSM implementation is that it adds transparency, letting your organization understand how its systems stay up and running, which brings credibility to the IT process, and makes it a true partner to the entire company.

In most companies, IT is still seen as a necessary evil. It suffers from a credibility gap, not because of a lack of expertise or effectiveness, but a lack of understanding: it’s difficult for people to place faith in something whose workings they can’t grasp. This article outlines ways in which a modern ITSM implementation can help bridge that gap, by centralizing IT service offerings in a way that makes it feasible to create a catalog of services, and lift the veil on the capabilities and inner workings of IT.

This disconnect has always existed in tech-intensive businesses, but it’s come to a head in the past few years, as online goliaths like Google and Amazon offer increasingly simple, clear access to formerly complex services. If web services, applications and information search can be this intuitive, so goes the thinking: why can’t IT?

This places a burden on IT professionals themselves, but not an impossible one. Google and Amazon have simplified their portals through centralization and user-centered design, and IT services can do the same—with the right tools, that is. This is a big part of the reason why modern ITSM platforms are so powerful. By integrating what were formerly fragmented support offerings, a platform like ServiceNow gives IT staff the ability to view all of their services in one place, automate the most predictable fixes, and communicate this newfound clarity to their organization and, in many cases, their customers.

In practical terms, this manifests as a Service Catalog (SC): a list of commonly requested services that brings IT into the realm of consumer understanding. By offering the entire organization a portal into IT support, rather than forcing every request to go through a team of over-extended specialists, the entire IT service process is demystified. This turns IT into a resource for everyone, building a sense of ownership and responsibility among non-IT staff, and providing opportunities to expand customer offerings by saying “Yes” even when current technical capabilities are insufficient.

We tend to focus on benefits of efficiency, reduced downtime and costs saving when we talk about ITSM migration. And while all of those are extremely valuable, the improvement in visibility that modern ITSM offers may ultimately provide its greatest impact.

Trianz has worked for 14 years, with hundreds of organizations, helping to ensure that migrating to a modern ITSM like ServiceNow offers maximum benefit with minimum disruption. If you’re interested in hearing more about how we do it, visit us at

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