IT Infrastructure Management—Keeping the Momentum Going Post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused immeasurable damage to virtually every aspect of life around the world. Almost overnight, this virus has disrupted the way people live their lives: as individuals, consumers, employees, and enterprise leaders. For many people, one of the biggest adjustments has been moving from working in an office to working from home. The way people do businesses has also transitioned from in-person to online very rapidly. For IT professionals, this has meant making some extraordinary changes to the software and infrastructure to be able to meet these quickly changing demands.

Companies around the world have spent billions of dollars in hardware, software, and manhours to upgrade and improve their systems to meet demand. What is perhaps most impressive is the fact that this was done in such a short period of time. As locations are just starting to loosen restrictions related to COVID-19, IT teams need to consider how they can keep this momentum moving forward as we transition back to the “new normal” of what society will look like in the coming years. Whether strengthening work-from-home staff or getting ready for a return to the office, Trianz can provide the expertise needed for any IT Infrastructure Management strategy.

What to consider when supporting post-COVID infrastructure

While things are starting to open back up in many places, most people agree that things will never go back to exactly what they were. Many experts are anticipating a second outbreak of COVID-19 in the fall, which is one reason companies need to be ready to support working from home and doing business almost exclusively online. Even if the risk of COVID-19 does not return, companies around the world have realized that doing business online to the extent possible has many advantages, including:

  • Reduced Sick Time – When employees work from home, they do not have to call in sick nearly as often. This is mostly because they will not get sick as frequently, but also because they can continue working even when they are not feeling 100% and would otherwise call in to keep from spreading sickness in the office.

  • Cost Savings – There is less need for costly physical office space.

  • Improved Employee Engagement – Employees are happier with the added flexibility of working from home.

  • Greater Potential for Customers – When you can service customers online, there is often no geographic restriction to where the customers are located. This can dramatically increase the total number of potential customers that a business can serve.

Of course, there are many other advantages to pushing forward with many of the strategies that were started due to COVID-19. Keeping these things in mind is critical when developing an ITSM strategy.

IT infrastructure required to support modern workers

Whether your company is looking to keep people working from home, bring them back to the office, or some combination of both, planning for the infrastructure needs of the future is essential. Trianz has experience helping businesses develop and maintain an ITSM strategy that will meet everyone’s needs today and long into the future. When working with a Trianz consultant, you can discuss specific infrastructure and software solutions such as:

  • Cloud Infrastructure – Moving infrastructure to the cloud eliminates the need for on-site support. It also makes it faster and easier than ever to stand up new hardware to meet the evolving needs of users and customers.

  • Hybrid Infrastructure – A business does not need to jump 100% onto the cloud. Transitioning slowly using a hybrid solution is one of the most popular options available.

  • Virtual Desktops – Virtual desktops allow users to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Many companies find that Citrix environments allow for greater productivity, especially during unusual situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Online Portals – Having an online portal where employees can access systems and customers can interact with the business is essential. In the past, this simply meant having a website that displayed key information. Today, however, customers need to have access to your full suite of products and services from the convenience of their home. This means standing up the needed hardware and applications to meet demand.

The Coronavirus has forced businesses to think about how to meet employee and customer needs differently than ever before. Fortunately, we live in a time where the technology is available to quickly adjust to the changing environment.

Trianz is ready for whatever comes your way

No matter what the future holds, technology is going to be a major part of the solution. Businesses that are ready to serve employees and customers will be the ones that succeed. Trianz has the experience and expertise needed to create a customized IT infrastructure management strategy that will position your business for success in any situation. Our consultants are here to work with you no matter what the future holds.

Contact Trianz to schedule a time to meet with our consultants. We can discuss your current situation and talk about how you can harness technology to ensure your business is ready for the next phase.

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