Keeping Business Critical Applications Online with Migration to Microsoft Azure

Cloud-based applications are successful for the same reason as cloud storage solutions - widely available, scalable and low-cost hosting. Microsoft Azure, with a dominant market position in both server and desktop systems, combines all these characteristics in one package to deliver a strong and consistent business focus. Azure also brings unparalleled flexibility to application migrations and operations. The modular hosting environment allows businesses to rapidly circumvent internal IT and process barriers to rapidly execute on business vision when new opportunities arise.

With the right application migration process, organizations can shift mission-critical apps to Azure with zero down-time and much higher operating efficiencies than on-premises hosting.

Azure application hosting offers all the advantages of Microsoft stability with cloud power

Azure combines Microsoft’s legendary business focus with the power of the cloud. Engineers who have spent their entire careers working with Microsoft software are immediately at home with the concepts and technologies behind Azure, while the economies of scale supporting the system offer major advantages for executives considering the financial impacts of such environments.

Some of the oft-cited Azure’s advantages include:

  • Ease of re-engineering applications - Azure Virtual Machines offer a building-block approach to application services that break systems up into easy-to-adjust components, making future or current re-engineering efforts simple.

  • Simplified application management - Azure’s Kubernetes Services containerizes your applications to enable rapid scaling alongside continuous integration models and cluster capacity to allow administrators superior application management tools.

  • Unified application and data hosting - Azure’s Data Factory makes it simple to host applications and data in the same cloud structure, simplifying data access and processing at the same time as it reduces cost-per-gigabyte for storage.

  • Familiar platforms and services - Common Microsoft services such as Active Directory and Windows Identity Foundation offer ready-made solutions to issues of identity management and access control that integrate directly with existing on-prem or private cloud systems. Even the IT staff are already familiar with them.

  • Unified migration platform - Azure’s Migrate feature offers a centralized hub that makes it easy to assess and automatically migrate your current servers and applications through a single portal, greatly reducing IT manpower requirements for application migrations.

Azure offers many tools and robust documentation to help make application migrations easy. But most businesses will only perform the process once or a handful of times, meaning they have little experience in-house with the details of performing a successful migration. That’s why seeking out an established and experienced application migration consultant, such as Trianz, makes sense for your business.

Relying on Microsoft Azure partners is best when migrating applications

Migrating applications to Azure offers companies many advantages, but the process requires careful planning and effective execution at every step. Relying on a trusted Microsoft partner such as Trianz can ensure that your organization does not miss a beat during even the most complex application migration process.

Our migration accelerators make it easy to migrate from a variety of different application platforms to Azure:

  • Web

  • Mobile

  • Mainframe

Those accelerators allow us to help you make the right migration decisions faster than ever. We have the expertise to serve in advisory and strategic roles as well as provide the necessary technical consultation for success. We are perfectly suited to developing long-term strategic plans that integrate your application migration processes into your ultimate business vision, drawing on all aspects of IT operations and support to make it a success.

Our experience extends across many industry verticals. We have served a range of enterprises - from Fortune 500 to mid-size and startups. Book a consultation with us to discuss your critical Azure application migration needs.

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