Keeping Corporate Risk Low by Implementing Managed IT Services

The complexity of modern information technology systems is daunting for risk management experts. Most enterprises today have data scattered around the world in the cloud, on mobile devices, on the laptops of remote workers, or sitting on partner systems. Mitigating the risks that come with that kind of exposure goes far beyond just security - legal and financial liability can be equally threatening.

By choosing the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) to handle their IT needs, any enterprise can keep both its risks and costs down across the board.

Controlling financial risk with fixed-cost contracts

Bringing in an MSP to handle routine IT operations and services keeps corporate financial risks under control by offering a predictable, stable and affordable cost structure around technology requirements. IT is famously open to expensive surprises, including:

  • Data loss
  • Downtime
  • Security holes

All these can result in unexpected expenses in software, consulting, or staff time for in-house IT departments. By off-loading operations to an MSP like Trianz, you can both mitigate the chances of negative outcomes as well as absorb and distribute the costs of dealing with them across your business. What could have been an overwhelming, expensive fix for a single client may just be another day at the office for our experienced staff.

Heading off security risks with professional managed services

Although security was once seen as a stand-alone element of the IT portfolio, today experts are increasingly recognizing that it is a fundamental component of all IT services that must be baked in from day one. A vulnerability in corporate email service is a free entry pass to hackers engaged in theft or corporate espionage.

It is no longer enough to conduct a security review once a quarter or have an expert review the new IT system only once. Today, constant monitoring and a continuing emphasis on security is a must in every element of the IT service chain.

By engaging an MSP such as Trianz to manage the entire stack, companies get all the benefits of our security professionals monitoring every aspect of their service delivery, with an additional bonus: they never have to think about it.

Managing compliance and regulatory risk through expert providers

Since all the above risks have started to impact consumers, governments have been quite proactive in framing new rules and regulations designed to protect customers. Complying with those regulations is not exactly a cakewalk. The complexity of HIPAA or FINRA data protection rules has created new job specializations and titles. And hiring those specialists isn’t cheap.

But at Trianz, as part of our basic service, we can offer that kind of specialized compliance expertise. We spread the costs across the entire horizon of our client base to ensure that all our systems and procedures meet national and international regulatory standards.

With a global portfolio, top experts in every technology field and years of proven experience working with companies in every industry, Trianz is perfectly positioned to help your company reduce exposure to IT risks. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your specific needs.

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