Key Benefits of Migrating Apps & Databases to Azure

Enterprises across the globe prefer Azure cloud services and its 137 products (list as of November 2017) such as:

  • Cosmos DB - globally distributed, scalable, multi-model database,
  • Cognitive Services - smart APIs to enable contextual interactions, and
  • StorSimple - enterprise hybrid cloud storage solution

They recognize Azure as the most trusted cloud that offers more regions than any other provider, exclusive AI services, and unmatched hybrid capabilities.

Azure has one of the broadest compliance coverages of global cloud providers. It’s the 1st major provider committed to GDPR requirements. And it is U.S. government recognized with the prestigious FedRAMP High authorization for 18 services.

Additionally, Azure’s IP Advantage provides top intellectual property protection that frees enterprises from worrying about baseless lawsuits. For these and many other reasons, industry leaders are steering hundreds of workloads to Azure.

Leaders Driving Digital Transformation

From Malaysia Airlines CIO:

With the (Azure) hybrid environment, we have the flexibility to place our applications and data on the appropriate cloud, based on our business, technology, and regulatory needs.

From Rolls-Royce SVP:

Microsoft (Azure) Cortana Intelligence capabilities are helping us filter the signal from the noise across large data sets, so we can focus on finding the real value in the data.

From Hershey Company CIO:

We use Azure cloud analytics to gather operational and customer insights, and we use Office 365 to share that information to drive business value.”

These companies and thousands of others, including your competitors, are successfully using Azure and it’s 117 services for their digital transformation.

With growing global locations, expanding services, and world class datacenter management expertise, Azure is helping companies transform their businesses.

Migrating Microsoft Workloads to Azure

Azure is the preferred cloud for migrating on premise Microsoft workloads such as SharePoint, SQL Server, .NET Dev/Test labs, Power BI, and many others, providing benefits other providers don’t.

For SharePoint, ready-to-deploy server images, native compatibility, and familiarity of management are three such benefits. And importantly, customized code investments are protected when migrating to Azure.

Azure’s SQL Database solution provides the same on premise version but with a fully-managed service making administration painless and developers more productive.  It’s compatible with familiar tools and has built-in intelligence that learns patterns that maximize performance, reliability, and data protection.

And the Azure DevTest Labs sandbox has self-service, built in Windows and Linux environments with policies and thresholds to minimize costs. With CI tools from Visual Studio Team Services extensions as well as from third parties, developers can quickly provision resources, build code, and integrate technologies via standards-based APIs.

Trianz Enables Azure Migration

Trianz is a Microsoft Silver Partner and Azure Managed Services Provider within the Cloud Solution Provider Program.

Trianz designs Azure-based cloud solutions that enable innovation and agility using established templates and engagement tools. And its certified Azure consultants discover and analyze clients’ current state and recommend execution plans for successful migrations.

In summary, Trianz helps businesses leverage Azure to modernize products and operations and realize successful digital transformation. Contact Trianz to accelerate your cloud migration and make the move to Microsoft Azure.

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