Lake House Infrastructure on AWS: A Game - Changer for Faster Analytics at Lower Costs

In the ever-changing digital landscape, data has emerged as the key to business success. Organizations that use the power of their data assets gain a competitive edge, driving innovation, agility, and growth. Nogalis, a leading consulting firm specializing in the Infor Lawson suite, recognized this and embarked on an ambitious data transformation journey.

Their goal? To centralize and optimize access to their legacy ERP data, enabling streamlined data management, enhanced reporting capabilities, and data-driven decision-making. However, achieving this objective required a strategic partnership with the right technology experts.

Enter Trianz, a trusted IP-led digital transformation services provider and an Advanced Consulting Partner and Managed Services Provider for AWS to enhance Nogalis's pursuit of data excellence.

The Collaborative Blueprint: Meticulous Planning for Seamless Execution

From the very beginning, Trianz and AWS adopted a collaborative approach, meticulously planning and executing each step of the transformation process. They kicked things off with a comprehensive assessment, going deep into the intricacies of software interactions, existing control tower and landing zone configurations, and the Apix application architecture and integrations.

Armed with this understanding, Trianz developed a tailored implementation strategy, encompassing cloud architecture design, expert-driven validation, architectural refinements, and education on the benefits of cloud-native services. This holistic approach ensured that every component was optimized and seamlessly integrated, setting up the foundation for a robust and scalable solution.

The Implementation Journey: A Collaborative Effort

Trianz and AWS worked in tandem throughout the implementation process, executing a well-orchestrated plan that included:

  1. Design and deployment of cloud architecture, including the setup of the Landing Zone for optimal operation and scalability.

  2. Detailed assessments of current application usage, with each module analyzed individually to ensure peak performance.

  3. Refinement and enhancement of Apix's existing architectural design to align with evolving business needs.

  4. Education on the advantages of cloud-native services for improved efficiency and scalability.

  5. Architecture and construction of the Landing Zone, providing a robust foundation for cloud operations.

  6. Thorough analysis of dependencies, both upstream and downstream, to facilitate smooth migration planning.

  7. Design and development of Apix's tailored application architecture, meeting specific functional requirements.

  8. Establishment of a demo environment within the sandbox for functionality testing and troubleshooting before going live.

  9. Construction of the AWS Lake House, a centralized data management solution, to enhance data accessibility and analysis.

  10. Development of advanced reporting and dashboard solutions, enabling actionable insights and data-driven decision-making.

Harnessing the Power of AWS's Technology Stack

To bring Nogalis's vision to life, Trianz leveraged the power of AWS's cutting-edge technology stack. This included:

  • AWS Control Tower for secure and compliant multi-account management.

  • AWS Landing Zone Accelerator for rapid deployment of well-architected environments.

  • AWS Aurora, a high-performance managed relational database with automatic scalability.

  • AWS Lake Formation for simplified setup of a secure and well-organized data lake.

  • Glue Jobs for automated and scalable ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes.

  • Athena for serverless querying and easy analysis of data in Amazon S3 using SQL.

  • S3 (Simple Storage Service) for scalable object storage for data backup, collection, and analytics.

  • Lambda for event-driven computing without managing servers.

  • AWS Event Bridge for routing real-time data streams to appropriate endpoints.

  • AWS API Gateway for creating, deploying, and managing secure APIs at any scale.

Transformative Outcomes: Unlocking Data-Driven Excellence

Through this powerful collaboration, Nogalis achieved remarkable transformative outcomes that reshaped their data landscape and unlocked new opportunities for growth and innovation.

  • Robust security and operational posture: Cloud-native solutions ensured robust security and optimized operational efficiency, safeguarding Nogalis's valuable data assets.

  • Optimized architecture and infrastructure: Right-sized end-state architecture and landing zone design, tailored for peak performance and scalability.

  • Enhanced querying and reporting: Athena enabled enhanced query flexibility and throughput, while scalable solutions paved the way for new reports and dashboards, empowering data-driven insights.

  • Reduced administrative overhead: Streamlined processes minimized administrative burdens, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives and driving operational efficiency.

  • Advanced analytics capabilities: Comprehensive strategies empowered Nogalis to generate complex analytics reports, unlocking valuable insights from their data.

  • Cost-effective compliance: Efficient storage of historical ERP data ensured compliance with regulatory requirements while minimizing associated costs.

Nogalis's transformative partnership with Trianz exemplifies the power of collaboration in unlocking the full potential of data. By seamlessly integrating AWS's cutting-edge solutions with Trianz's expertise, Nogalis has embarked on a new era of data-driven excellence, poised to drive innovation, agility, and sustained growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.

As organizations navigate the data-driven future, strategic partnerships like the one between Trianz and AWS will prove invaluable in using the transformative power of data, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital age.

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