Managing DWaaS with a Managed Service Provider

Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS) is a business solution that has been rapidly growing in popularity. It enables companies to secure the information for their data warehouse on cloud infrastructure, making data easily accessible by those who need it but protected from thieves and hackers. Organizations considering this service need to understand its benefits, how it can be integrated into their existing systems, and what options are available to them.

Benefits of DWaaS

The benefits of DWaaS go well beyond merely housing your data warehouse in the cloud. By outsourcing the management of this process to an experienced managed service provider, your business will appreciate a full suite of features and services:

  • Advice on selecting a platform – Not all cloud platforms are the same and choosing one that will best compliment your organization is important. DWaaS services by Trianz include full consultations on how and where your data warehouse should be established.

  • Maintenance and support– There is no need to worry about the hardware, software, security, or compatibility with other systems. This service includes the initial setup of all these elements as well as any ongoing maintenance and support that is needed.

  • Limitless capacity – When operating an on-prem data warehouse, you always want to balance your storage space with hardware availability. When using DWaaS, storage capacity is always available—you pay for what you use.

  • Active backups– As with any data storage solution, an effective backup program is critical for loss avoidance. DWaaS includes a full backup of your data that you can count on.

  • Enhanced business intelligence– When using DWaaS on a cloud platform, your data is available for analytics using modern tools. This can include advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide actionable reporting and other information to help drive your business forward.

Data warehouse integration

When setting up data warehousing on cloud infrastructure, one of the most important things to consider is how the data will be gathered from multiple sources. The process of data integration needs to be fully planned to ensure that all relevant data is imported into the warehouse system, but also that it is made easily accessible to those who need it.

Data integration services are a key component of an effective DWaaS solution. When you work with us, our team will perform an analysis of all your current systems to ensure we can develop the right strategy for properly adding in data from every source. The exact setup will vary widely from company to company. In most cases, however, the data integration requirements will have information from multiple sources, including:

  • Historical data from throughout the organization

  • Derived data generated from databases and other sources

  • Metadata that contains information about schema objects, applications, and other items

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Managing permissions

While your system is being set up and the sources of information are going through the data warehousing integration process, it is important to look closely at the security permissions that will be used. Organizational data breaches can be devastating to any company. While most people think of a data breach as an outside entity hacking the system, most of these events occur internally. This can either be an intentional breach by an employee or an event where information was revealed accidentally.

Information contained within an organization’s data warehouse may be of great value, which is why it is important to ensure that proper security is in place. This starts with creating and managing the right access permissions. As part of the DWaaS, each employee’s level of access will be carefully determined based on their role and what business need they have for the system. Once the permissions are in place, employees will be able to access the information they need from anywhere, thanks to data warehousing on the cloud.

Partnering with Trianz for all your data warehousing needs

Trianz consultants are experts in creating, managing, and integrating data warehouse technologies of all sorts. Whether you are already using a popular cloud service like AWS or Azure and want to migrate your data warehouse to the cloud, or are still weighing your cloud infrastructure options, we can help. Our consultants not only know how to properly stand up and support the technology for DWaaS, but also integrate it into your business systems so the right people can access the right data whenever they need to.

Contact Trianz to schedule a meeting with one of our consultants to discuss your specific data warehousing service needs. We will be happy to go over your options and identify how we can provide the most value to your organization.

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