Managing Endpoint Security in the Enterprise

Cybersecurity is arguably the most crucial part of a successful IT operations management strategy. Your customers want reassurance that their data is protected, and you need to uphold those standards to retain their trust and avoid penalties from regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

An endpoint is a client device that connects to your networks like employee desktops, tablets and phones. It is also one of the most exposed entry points to your network, making it a key point of interest for attackers. Managing these endpoints is your first line of defense against cyberattacks and without a proper strategy, you are at serious risk.

Main attributes of a good endpoint security solution

There are numerous endpoint security solutions on the market, so knowing what to look for is essential for making the right decision for your business.

Here are some attributes you should consider:

  • Application whitelisting/blacklisting – One of the biggest threats to your network is the installation and execution of rogue applications on remote endpoints. These programs can hijack the machine for malicious purposes by executing commands, logging keystrokes and more.
    One type of virus, which is called a worm, can spread from machine to machine. For example, if this worm had an embedded cryptocurrency miner application, it can infect your servers and your network would slow down considerably. This would also increase your running costs in the cloud significantly, as resource utilization would be pegged to the maximum that your hosting plan allows.
    One way to avoid these threats is by using an application whitelisting filter. Get a list of select applications needed for your business needs from your IT department. Anything that isn’t in this whitelist would be blocked from installing or running, which will significantly improve the security of your network. You can also opt for a blacklist, which stops known threats from installing or running while allowing the installation of safe applications. You would still face some risk with a blacklist for zero-day threats, so you need to weigh the pros and cons before you decide.
  • Browser controls – Internet browsers are becoming more integral to daily workflows over time. Many web applications run within the browser, negating the need for local installation on each machine. With the vast number of internet webpages, your staff may come across rogue sites that may contain malware or spyware. Web browsers also commonly include extensions that can be downloaded by staff and are often unverified by Google, Mozilla, or other browser developers.
    A comprehensive endpoint security solution would include internet filtering and browser-based whitelisting functionality. You can implement web filtering on the device level or at the network level.
    You can install software on each machine at the device level. This will create a network tunnel on the ethernet/Wi-Fi adapter that analyzes traffic as it flows through. This ensures that filtering is always active, regardless of whether the staff is on your corporate network or their home network when telecommuting. Corporate networking solutions will often include global filters that apply to every connected device. This is vital, especially with “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies.
  • Real-time scanning – The backbone of security on individual devices will be real-time threat scanning. With viruses, spyware, adware, nagware, trojans and worms, these malicious entities will either distract staff or intercept and destroy critical data. Therefore, preventing them from running and installing in the first place is essential for maintaining both network security and productivity across the business.
    A comprehensive security solution will include real-time scanning, scheduled full system scans, browser integrations to scan webpage code, application sandboxing for sensitive workloads and more. Many modern security solutions now include machine learning for heuristic analysis of code in the system memory, making them adept at securing your network.

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Trianz is a leading endpoint management consulting firm with decades of experience in helping our clients safeguard their data and computing devices from attackers. Through careful assessment of your existing network composition, we can help you plan and implement leading solutions like BigFix to lockdown your endpoints.

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