Migrating Your Data to Azure

Many enterprises still rely on on-premises resources for their data warehousing endeavors. This traditional approach was reasonable as recently as a few years ago, but the introduction of cloud computing has made most on-premises data warehousing solutions obsolete as they lack the scalability and capacity now required by most organizations.

The modern business world demands speed and business intelligence on-demand. As such, firms can no longer tolerate limited scaling, capacity, and reliability. The Azure cloud is both scalable and economical, allowing your business to grow well into the future while also overcoming traditional database hurdles. By migrating your database to Microsoft Azure, with Trianz, you can experience these benefits with the support of a best-in-class Microsoft Partner.

Transitioning to Azure

The Microsoft Azure cloud is a popular option when it comes to migrating your data to the cloud. Azure offers a range of immediately tangible benefits, such as economical scaling, “metered billing”, and a high level of reliability and availability for your data.

Before migrating, however, you should consider your general data requirements. You may just need the underlying infrastructure to run your database and to store your data; or, you may require a data estate evaluation to determine if PaaS options, such as Azure SQL and Azure Files, are more appropriate solutions to address your needs. Regardless of your requirements, our experts can orchestrate your database migration to Azure.

On Azure, there are a range of data warehousing services for you to consider, including:

  • Azure Synapse – For customers who need an enterprise-grade SQL Data warehouse, Microsoft provides their first party solution to support limitless analytics and support for all big data workloads and needs.

  • Azure Storage – For those that need an easy cloud storage solution, Azure Cloud Storage offers an easy-to-use and reliable way to store any BLOB, files, disks, data lakes, and archives you need in the cloud.

    Customers have a variety of choices for this service, including data redundancy, encryption, regional locale, storage performance (SSD, HDD, or a combination of both), as well as high bandwidth that can often exceed 10Gbit transfers between Azure datacenters or storage locations. Azure storage also offers cheaper storage options for data accessed less frequently, such as backups or archival business data.

  • Azure SQL Databases – SQL server workloads are also supported, in Azure, and Microsoft offers a variety of hosting options. SQL Servers can be simply migrated as VMs, redeployed as Managed instances, or migrated entirely as a PaaS solution which requires minimal administrative overhead. These SQL services also all support redundancy by default, which eliminates the need to plan and implement complex SQL Server failover clusters and backups.

  • Azure Cosmos DB – For MongoDB and other non-relational databases, Azure offers Cosmos DB. For global enterprises running NoSQL workloads, CosmosDB enables maximal distributed performance with minimal effort. Cosmos DB includes a guaranteed uptime SLA of 99.99% and benefits from the same elastic scalability found in most other Azure storage services.

Orchestrate the migration with Trianz

Trianz has been at the forefront of the cloud revolution, delivering digital transformations to our clients by leveraging platforms like Microsoft Azure. With our expertise and guidance, we can streamline your data migration process and offer ongoing support after completion.

We leverage our proprietary database migration tool, Datavision+, for all Azure database migrations. Datavision+ automates the extract, transform, load (ETL) process, performing data validation and cleansing, which ensures your new database is fully optimized from the start. From here, our managed infrastructure services teams can ease the database management burden for your IT team.

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