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Change is one of the few constants in modern business. Technologies, regulations, products, and attitudes are forever shifting over time—it’s up to successful enterprises to shift with them or face getting left behind. Not long ago, data reporting was expensive, time-consuming, difficult, and sometimes impossible. Today, our data tools and solutions come with little costs and lots of insights. Data warehousing is the solution we didn’t know we needed.

Data warehouse solutions provide a clean way to integrate vast amounts of data from various sources into one single repository. Data warehousing has had a transformational effect on businesses, bringing many up to date with the latest tools and technologies.

What Data Warehousing Does for Firms

Being capable of connecting multiple analysis, mining, and reporting tools to a single data model has been a revolution in the way we think about information. It has made real-time analytics a realistic possibility for a huge number of organizations. Modern data interrogation methods have been so effective they have created entirely new industries of their own.

Business intelligence was built from the new possibilities that data warehousing solutions made available. Today, the data warehouse is at the core of business decision-making and data gathering solutions.

The data warehouse itself is made up of three layers:

  • Database server—where data is loaded and stored

  • Analytics engine—accesses and analyses data to create actionable intelligence

  • Front-end client—presents results through reporting and analysis tools

These layers combine to form a powerful solution that empowers your business to achieve more.

Benefits of a Data Warehouse

For a modern firm, the data warehouse is an indispensable way to gather information, perform analysis, and use intelligence. Before the data warehouse became commonplace, information locked away in data silos was a common problem for many businesses.

The data warehouse enables better decision-making through easy access and analysis of data streams throughout the organization. Users no longer need to be expert technicians or data scientists to gain powerful insights from organizational data. Data mining, analysis, and reporting tools enable everyone to look at the same data and deliver meaningful intelligence.

As a result of data warehousing solutions, companies can trust and rely on the data they get from several different areas. For some organizations, switching to high-quality, consistent, and accurate data has transformed the way they do business practically overnight. Many had not been able to access such information in the past and can only now take action with a complete picture of their organization available.

With greater storage and insights, large firms with a rich history can look back over their historical data and gain new insight they never before had access to. Added to real-time information, historical data can be a valuable source of insight when making decisions about the future of the organization.

Effects of the Data Warehouse on Business

It is no exaggeration to say that the rise of data warehouse solutions has had a transformational effect on organizations. The discovery of meaningful relationships in seemingly disparate data has enabled many firms to do more with fewer resources.

Trianz data warehouse consulting services are an industry-leading service provider that has helped to transform and future-proof hundreds of businesses over decades of experience.

Our expertise is known for creating a view of organizational and operational data that businesses can capitalize on in an instant. We are known for building value in data and extracting the maximum from existing business resources.

Get in touch with our data warehouse consulting team today to take your business into the future with all the right tools.

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