CIOs Envision Opportunities from Netezza End of Life

Why Wait to Migrate?

The decision by IBM to sunset Netezza comes after years of cost and performance complaints, while improvements from Hadoop and the cloud continue to impress and amaze. While it used to take 30 hours to process a month of historical data, modern analytics can deliver a decade’s worth in 30 minutes.

Still, it’s easy to understand why many CIOs have postponed migration, when many big data projects fail to reach production.

Risk avoidance is not the only reason. The lack of clarity regarding end of life (EOL) timelines of the Netezza product and a convoluted product plan makes it difficult for CIOs to plan for their mitigation strategies. At the same time, CIOs are struggling to achieve digital transformation time to market and cost goals set in motion years ago, in many cases.

These initiatives can cause unforeseen cost over-runs, skill gaps, integration challenges, and general business disruption. However, CIOs are beginning to “see the forest through the trees.”

Data Innovation Opportunities

The most conservative estimate predicts that enterprise data is expected to increase 5X in fewer than five years, including high-volume streaming data and unstructured data (images, audio, etc.). The insights buried in these data sources could generate use cases for innovation ­ from new products and markets, to performance efficiencies to cost optimization ­ with the right analytics platform.

Data Innovation Opportunities

As CIOs compare the benefits of cloud and Hadoop to the pain of migration, CIOs are realizing that the business and operational improvements could vastly outweigh the disruption. It would mean unshackling the organization from inflexible platforms like Netezza and migrating to a cloud-based solution with superior time-to-insight capabilities, operational speed and scalability.

CIOs who have made the decision to migrate from Netezza to a cloud platform (AWS, Azure, Google or Snowflake), are focused on accomplishing the following objectives:

  • ­Simplify operations with reduced TCO

  • ­Improve time-to-insight, decision making

  • ­Increase innovation with highly scalable, streaming data ingestion and built-in advanced analytics with machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, etc. capabilities.

The Solution: Migration Automation

Trianz has successfully completed many Netezza migrations, but the endeavor is never a simple lift and shift. Organizations using Netezza typically have large volumes of staged data with 50 to 100+ data marts. CIOs are right to have concerns about the complexity and scope of this type of operation.

Trianz has developed a programmatic migration accelerator, Evove, powered by CompilerWorks, which allows us to quickly and efficiently migrate up to 90% of your existing DDL and SQL configurations programmatically.

Evove Explained

Evove is a Trianz proprietary methodology that utilizes high levels of automation and reusable components to drive accelerated and high-accuracy migration of metadata from legacy data platforms to a modern architecture. After the business logic is migrated, the physical data is moved allowing the business to utilize the new platform and their already developed metadata to accelerate their analytics.

For the data remnants that Evove cannot convert, our dedicated data warehousing team will manually migrate those functions to your new data warehousing platform, delivering a seamless and expedited migration process.

Once this process is complete, you can take advantage of cloud-native functionality like third-party integrations with analytics, ITSM tools to support automation and CICD practices ­ and the continuously updated, ingenious (and useful) services of the cloud.

Experience the Trianz Difference

Our business theme, ‘Accelerating Digital Evolution,’ reflects our extensive portfolio of services and capabilities covering business and technology evolutionary transformations; a stellar track record of over 2,500 successful global client partnerships and engagements powered by innovative, futuristic methodologies.

Powered by knowledge, research, and perspectives, we enable clients to transform their business ecosystems and achieve superior performance by leveraging infrastructure, cloud, analytics, digital, and security paradigms. Let’s talk.

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