Orchestrate SECOPS for higher business value

Cybersecurity is a vital component for all enterprises. Not only do you need to protect the systems and data generated through your daily business activities, but also the data you collect from your customers. A single data breach quickly goes viral via social media channels and can result in the loss of consumer confidence, thus tarnishing your brand’s reputation.

While there are robust systems and processes that reinforce strong cybersecurity protocols, such as implementing a security operations team (SecOps), these proactive responses for increasing security require a horizontal alignment between your IT and security teams.

However, your security and IT teams do not use the same tools to meet the enterprise objectives. Furthermore, within the world of cybersecurity, there are myriad different approaches to patching the gaps in your IT system.

Hackers gain access through several different avenues, and once the security team identifies the weaknesses, it must be able to quickly and efficiently communicate the solutions to your IT team. Furthermore, though incoming threats do demand that your security team take a specific action, not every threat detected requires a code red reaction.

The first steps for establishing a sturdy and proactive SecOps team include analyzing your current enterprise objectives, examining the existing security protocols, and assessing your risk management profiles. This information will provide you with an initial revelation as to specific cybersecurity weaknesses and facilitate greater precision for constructing your proactive approach to existing and future threats. Within this process, your SecOps team is better equipped to clearly define the discernment between the varying types of threats as well as the best remedy for each situation.

Another key consideration is determining the best suited method for streamlining communications between your security and IT teams. Automated platforms that can be integrated within your current ITSM, such as ServiceNow’s Security Operations solution, are essential to increasing information transparency. Yet, with so many options that have various levels of complexity, finding the right platform that fits your unique enterprise becomes a time-consuming task. But this doesn’t need to be the case.

Trianz has the expertise and experience to help you achieve SecOps solution success. We guide you through the process of designing and implementing SecOps systems and protocols. Additionally, we assist in helping you incorporate ServiceNow’s comprehensive Security Operations platform so your security team can immediately deploy the benefits of automated workflows and rapid collaboration with your IT team.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how we do it, visit us at trianz.com.

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