Overcome The Multi-Cloud Management Challenges with Concierto.Cloud

The year 2020 a fundamental shift in enterprise IT infrastructure operations for organizations globally as they grappled with disruptions in business dynamics and rising stakeholder expectations. Infrastructure resilience and scalability turned out to key for businesses to adapt to the remote work operations, thereby differentiating those who were able to thrive and grow, versus those who struggled due to a lack of cloud-centric infrastructure strategy and capabilities.

Having weathered the crisis for almost a year, many organizations are now focusing on going full throttle in their cloud migration journey, especially with multi-cloud operations. A multi-cloud-centric IT infrastructure model offers enterprises significant and measurable benefits with:

  • Enhancing control over their IT operations

  • Lowering costs and complexity compared to on-premise datacenters

  • Bringing capabilities to launch new products and service quickly, and

  • Mitigating technology risks

While the migration to and adoption of cloud are immensely beneficial, it also brings a unique set of challenges around monitoring, configuration, and orchestration. These challenges are amplified when enterprises adopt hybrid- or multi-cloud deployment strategies. A hybrid cloud integrates on-premises datacenters with the cloud, where they operate simultaneously to deliver IT services.

While multi-cloud offers the options to pick and chose the services that best meet their needs and avoid vendor lock-in, it adds many complexities including integration, interoperability, information and access management, and complete visibility and transparency in services. Making multiple cloud environments speak to each other efficiently, while upholding data governance and cybersecurity, guaranteeing system uptime and stability, managing users across different platforms—the task list is long, and the workload is steep.

Trianz is at the forefront to enable our clients by helping them migrate infrastructure, data, and applications to accelerate their digital transformations, efforts. As a part of our IP-led innovation program, Trianz has launched Concierto.cloud, a Multi-Cloud Management Platform (MCMP) designed to simplify and streamline cloud operations in the increasingly dynamic and complex multi-cloud environment.

Multi-Cloud Management and how Concierto.cloud

Why Multi-Cloud Management and how Concierto.cloud helps!

Multi-Cloud Configuration & Administration

Each cloud provider offers its own unique set of offerings and capabilities. A heterogeneous cloud environment provides more options to select the most suitable services for a specific purpose. What is more important, however, is ensuring there is unified operations management and controls to efficiently deploy cloud resources from one platform. Concierto.Cloud provides the perfect platform for operations teams to configure admin functionalities precisely the way it needs to be set up by simplifying the configuration process. In a guided step by step process, Concierto helps the Admins and Supervisors define all the rules and policies in a simple, quick and effective way tailored for multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Automation Provisioning and Orchestration

Today’s dynamic business environment demands flexibility and scalability to deliver computing capacity without requiring manual intervention. Each cloud provider and their functions are unique. Managing multi-cloud operations using disparate tools are often laborious and can result in high levels of operational inefficiencies. Concierto.cloud offers state-of-the-art containerized and non-containerized orchestration capabilities supported by total visibility across all clouds to move applications between clouds.

Dynamic Multi-Cloud CMDB & Asset Management

Forward-thinking IT leaders know that beyond the foundational ITSM processes, investments in the dynamic CMDB and automated asset discovery can add significant value to their IT organization. Concierto.cloud CMDB is based on the concept of transparent management of dynamic cloud infrastructure and near real-time data availability. Concierto.cloud CMDB creates a single source of truth and visibility for a multi-cloud environment as it maintains inventories and relationships at a sub-tenant, tenant, cloud platform, and overall level including on-prem. Further, Concierto.cloud CMDB can also be integrated with APM tools such as DynaTrace and AppDynamics to detect and map casual dependencies across websites, applications, services, processes, hosts, and networks.

Reimagined Next-gen ITSM

The success of digital transformation depends on reimagining and delivering lasting value to all stakeholders, and this requires uninterrupted availability of information, applications, and services. Network outages and frequent disruptions in service result in suboptimal customer experience. Concierto.cloud Event Management & ITSM capabilities help proactively identify performance issues across the multi-cloud or hybrid IT environment on a single management console. With a preventive rather than a reactive approach, Concierto.cloud ITSM provides alert aggregation, event deduplication, correlation, and integrated ITSM solutions to improve the availability and performance of business-critical IT services.

Master the Art of Multi-Cloud Management Today

A cloud-centric modernized and transformative IT infrastructure and architecture are key to thrive and grow in the ongoing disruption and stay prepared for those that might come in the future. Multi-cloud management when done right can help an organization ensure scalable and secure IT and business operations and realize non-linear and disproportional process efficiencies. Concierto.cloud with its robust features and functionalities can not only help achieve all these objectives but also power the organizations in their digital transformation journey.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about Concierto.cloud and how to master the art of multi-cloud management!

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