Promoting a Data-Driven Culture with Looker

Getting your employees interested and engaged with data and statistics can be difficult. This is confirmed by numerous studies, including one from NewVantage Partners. They found that we are currently in a state of digital regression, explaining that from 2017 to 2019, there was a 16.4% drop in businesses that believe they have a data-driven culture.

The easiest way to quickly assess your data reliance is by asking whether a data outage would affect your daily operations. Would it be business as usual, or would your employees lose the ability to perform their daily tasks? This will tell you how data-driven, or data-detached, your marketing is.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be data-detached; it simply means that data is not essential to your daily workflows. The biggest takeaway for data-detached businesses is that you have plenty of potential ways in which you can utilize data to generate insight and direct the trajectory of your corporate strategy. You have the data available—now, you just need to start using it in a beneficial manner.

Why Is a Data-Driven Culture Beneficial?

A data-driven culture has multiple tangible benefits that you should be aware of. While trusting that your own corporate intuition can work, data-dependent decision-making can foster quantification of results and thus deeper understanding. Some benefits you’ll notice with a data-driven culture include:

  • Increased Confidence When Making Decisions – It can be hard to justify changes in the enterprise, especially when the reasons for change are not backed up by substantial evidence. A massive overhaul of an IT system can seem daunting, with upfront costs and a need to dedicate human resources to the project. By understanding the operational competence of your current system against business objectives, you can easily decipher whether the change is worthwhile.

    A data-driven culture also allows you to improve accessibility to insight and encourage critical decision-making across the entire business. These decisions don’t just refer to discussions in the boardroom. Data-driven culture can also empower administrative staff, customer service representatives, and warehouse workers to make better decisions for your business.

  • Proactivity, Rather Than Reactivity – Many businesses wait until a problem occurs, and scramble to fix it as quickly as possible. This can leave your services out of action and upset customers who rely on your service for recreational or business purposes. They also lack visibility into the deterrents that drive away sales, losing this revenue to easily fixable problems.

    With a data-driven culture, you have a comprehensive overview of all aspects of your business at hand. You can see the number of customers using your site, the click-through rate on webpages, and the popularity of products or services you sell. This will allow you to optimize your product portfolio, adjusting prices and offering flash-incentives to maximize the chances of a purchase. If a server goes down, you’ll instantly know so you can remediate the issue, minimizing service interruptions to end-users. You can also identify performance bottlenecks so that you can maximize the quality of service delivery to customers.

How Looker Promotes Data-Driven Culture

In the past, corporate data was a tightly guarded commodity. A select few employees had access to this data for the purpose of generating insight. This dissuaded others from taking notice of the value that data can hold, as they simply were not able to access it. Even if they did manage to gain access, the raw data was not easily digestible.

The Looker platform allows you to make more data accessible to employees while simultaneously safeguarding sensitive data with identity access management protocols in the cloud. Raw datasets can be transformed into easy-to-digest, real-time infographics that foster collaboration and critical decision-making across the business.

Build a Data-Driven Culture with Looker and Trianz

Trianz is a leading business intelligence and data analytics consulting firm, who has partnered with Looker to help them implement its powerful data visualization platform. We thoroughly assess your business and implement a tailored, industry-leading infrastructure solution that is fully integrated with the Looker platform.

Get in touch with our data analytics consulting team and start using insight to drive business decisions with Trianz and Looker leading the way.

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