Providing Business Continuity with Aws Services

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are crucial to the health and ongoing success of your organization. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, 93% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan who experience a data disaster are out of business within one year.

Even if your hardware fails or your applications crash, your operations still must be able to keep moving forward and growing. And by offloading these tasks with AWS Serverless Architecture, you can rest assured that your data and applications will be highly available and mobile. In the event of catastrophe, simply having a hot or warm site available for your team to switch over to means all data and work can be offloaded from the cloud after the personnel move is complete.

A few examples should help to clearly illustrate these strategies. If you choose AWS Serverless Technologies to host your company’s website, you can be reassured knowing that Amazon is employing load balancing, redundant drives, failover clusters, etc. to ensure that you never have to worry about unexpected downtime and that your data integrity remains unchanged. With AWS’s replete organizational abilities, in which computational power and throughput can be modified or replaced by redundant hardware on the turn of a dime, you can be sure your organization’s data will experience high availability.

In particular, Amazon Web Services employs NetApp, a Trianz partner, and Reach to perform these functions for their clients. Our NetApp partnership ensures that SnapShot copies, storage encryption, and massive replication abilities will carry you gracefully through your time of crisis, employing best practices and solutions with the distributed, opensource framework. In addition, AWS under Trianz will deploy the safety nets of Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

In more simple terms, AWS has the infrastructure you need to keep your business safe and afloat without you really having to think about it. And with Trianz as your managed service provider, all the administration and heavy lifting of utilizing AWS’s interfaces and features will be of no concern.

What Are the Advantages of AWS Serverless Architecture?

One notable advantage of business continuity with AWS is that there is no longer any need for cold, warm, and hot sites. These are sites that make it possible for you to move operations if digital infrastructure problems occur. Whether it is just a small segment of your business or all of your major operations, these previously prepared sites allow for less downtime between disaster and recovery. A cold site is, put simply, nothing more than an empty facility with no infrastructure. A hot site is one that is ready to go: it has everything you could possibly need from day one, such as computers, telephones, and network cabling, ready and installed. A warm site is something in between a hot site and a cold site–not quite ready to go, but slightly more fleshed out all the same.

With AWS Serverless Architecture, you can dispense with the major overhead these sites entail and get your organization back online much faster. For example, imagine needing to move every one of your employees to another location in the event of a natural disaster that disables your facility. That would take quite a lot of vital time–time during which your operations remain at a standstill. And not to mention there would then be no guarantee you would regain your full capacity to perform your business’s mandatory tasks. A complete lack of infrastructure or personnel would be no picnic.

If you outsource many of these elements of your business to the cloud, think of how much less there would be to worry about. Think about it: relegating arms of your workforce as telecommuters with all their relevant applications and data hosted in the cloud. Not only are we considering savings in potential downtime, but we are considering the savings of managing actual physical facilities.

Time lost following unforeseen incidents is money lost. We at Trianz know that downtime is simply not an option. That’s why we use every weapon in our arsenal, such as AWS, to ensure that no matter what happens, it will be business as usual for your business.

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