Self-Service IT is the Biggest No-Brainer of the Digital Age

Self-service is a method of service delivery that hands the majority of the work and control over to the user. This technology is heavily used, in both the real world and online, to lower human resource requirements and offer on-demand support to customers.

The earliest example of self-service technology is the vending machine, first invented by Percival Everitt in 1833. These early vending machines started out dispensing postcards before evolving over the next millennium to distribute gum, foodstuffs, and other general items. Instead of hiring a store clerk, the device would automate the payment and delivery of the product, negating the need for warehouses and employees. A real no-brainer, no?

And so the tradition continues into the digital age: In the online world, every person browsing the web is exposed to a form of simple self-service. These can include:

  • Registering for an account on a website
  • Requesting a password reset email
  • Inputting credit card details when purchasing something
  • Downloading a PDF manual for a product you are trying to troubleshoot

These more straightforward self-service functions are widespread online, but user expectations continue to grow. Comprehensive software packages like ServiceNow have predefined templates to help you build user-friendly self-service solutions tailored to your business. Let’s take a closer look at ServiceNow and how it is a no-brainer your business.

Improving Self-Service with ServiceNow

With so much conflicting information on the web, it can be hard for your customers to find the information and help they need. ServiceNow offers a comprehensive solution to this problem, with its self-service dashboard templates. Here are some things that Trianz and ServiceNow can do for your business:

  • Reduced Expenditure – One of the most significant benefits of using self-service is the reduced cost to run your platform. With a good level of user adoption, self-service portals can significantly reduce helpdesk workloads, allowing your technicians to work on new system development rather than existing system support. To ensure the widespread adoption of a self-service portal, there are a few things to pay attention to.

    Self-service needs to be easily accessible and lightning fast for users. Fail here and there is no real user incentive to choose self-service. You can achieve this by using single sign-on across your products and website to allow seamless login to your services. Implementing direct access to the portal through buttons and links on your website or mobile application can also increase the visibility and consumption of self-service offerings.

  • Better Prioritization– In a busy helpdesk environment, staff will continuously be juggling priorities, depending on the severity of existing and new workloads. Self-service can significantly reduce the quantity of ‘low priority’ requests reaching your helpdesk, allowing IT staff to focus more time and energy on the resolution of more significant problems.

    Instant gratification is expected in the modern online world, and self-service can offer information, support, and guidance much faster than a human could. Try taking advantage of ServiceNow’s self-service functionality today, and watch as customer satisfaction rises and workloads fall.

  • Better Availability– Self-service also has the benefit of functioning 24/7, giving customers round-the-clock access to simple troubleshooting methods. This always-on support can be great for things like password resets and how-to guides. Digital documentation can be easily translated and distributed to consumers, with digital photos and diagrams that are much easier to understand than verbal instructions. For those with visual and auditory impairment, zoomed documents, text-to-speech, and page contrast options can further improve the user support experience for those with a disability.

How can my business implement self-service?

Trianz is an authorized specialized partner and reseller of the ServiceNow platform and has decades of experience helping businesses with planning and implementing new IT Service Management platforms.

Self-service is an integral part of the end-to-end automation that is possible with ServiceNow. Predefined templates are available during the development and integration of your existing software packages, with more acute customization available once the self-service platform is ready for deployment.

If you are interested in the benefits of ServiceNow, you can consult with Trianz to create a comprehensive plan of action regarding your future ITSM solution. Trianz has had a 100% client success rate over the past decade and employs skilled professionals who specialize in the development of ServiceNow integrations. You may reach out to us now using the form below.

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