The Hidden Ways Managed Services Drive Down Your IT Spend

There are many reasons to consider using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the modern enterprise to handle both routine and advanced IT service delivery. But a primary reason that makes almost every executive come back is to reduce and capture IT services costs.

However, to get an accurate picture of the bottom line, enterprises need to be sure they capture all the costs and benefits across the spectrum of operations and performance. That can include elements like system downtime, overall incident response time, security vulnerabilities and threats and staffing costs

But there are at least four hidden elements that many executives fail to account for when calculating their overall savings while engaging an MSP like Trianz—which means they may leave savings on the table if they don’t account for them in the initial MSP value analysis.

Predictable costs increase overall budget efficiency

Budgeting processes aren't exciting; however, resource allocation can be the most important thing executives do in modern enterprises. And when an IT surprise blows these numbers out of the water, it’s bad news, which can leave corporations either scrambling to claw back funds from other sources or watch their profits tank.

With an MSP on tap, companies can rest easy on the budgeting front. With predictable, contract-based pricing, budgets for IT remain static. The delivery costs and flex are handled internally by the MSP, leaving corporate budgets intact and on track.

Tap into IT expertise far beyond what you could afford in-house

Since Trianz is a major global player in managed services, we have staff who are experts in just about any technology area. Database gurus, security wizards and network ninjas are all available 24/7.

We can spread the costs of that expertise across all our clients, while still giving companies the dedicated, professional assistance offered by these experts- help that would cost corporations dearly if they had to engage in-house.

Extended uptime drives staff productivity

When companies hire Trianz, they give us an opportunity: Under our fixed-price model, the less time we spend on fixing client IT problems, the better our bottom line. But we are also contractually obligated to fix those problems. So, what is the best way for us to stay in the black? The answer is easy: make sure our clients aren't having those problems in the first place.

Our proactive maintenance and monitoring help prevent the breakdown of the clients’ systems. And that means client staff spend more time on their work and less time staring at blank screens than in a traditional in-house service model for break/fix.

Keeping your focus on core competencies

Not only do clients benefit from fewer glitches, but they can also keep teams focused on matters that are most important to the core business. Trianz takes all IT issues off the plate, from strategic considerations to major technical decisions, which enables our clients’ staff to focus their brain power where it should be - squarely on their own expertise.

These benefits are just a fraction of the various reasons for Trianz being a leader in Managed IT Services for over the past decade plus, but they may be the ones that potential clients are most likely to overlook.

Our IT expertise allows us to support global enterprises in any industry because we know IT just as well as you know your business — and you are never going to have to think about it again once you put your trust in us.

Book a consultation with us today to understand how we can help you reduce your IT spending.

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