The Never-Ending Benefits of Cloud Analytics

Business today is now entirely data driven—and that data is overwhelmingly shifting toward the cloud to lower costs, increase access, and provide real-time insights to help businesses respond and react without delay. Analytics on cloud solutions are changing the way modern business is done. Supercharging decision-making and providing clear and consistent messaging throughout the organization: cloud analytics puts your firm on the right foot for future success.

The biggest advantage of cloud analytics comes in providing a top-down view of the business, its customers, and its competitors. Trianz analytics cloud consulting prides itself on being able to utilize the power of cloud analytics to make permanent positive changes to the way a business operates.

Analytics on the cloud enables businesses to leverage cutting edge technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Tools and techniques borrowed from scientific research and academia have created new ways to look at data and extract meaningful, actionable information.

For decades, Trianz has been challenging conventional ways of thinking about IT and pushing the boundaries of technology. Our analytics on cloud solutions improves on previous models in several key ways.

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Consolidating Data Sources

In modern business, even small firms have a large number of disparate data sources. It can be almost impossible to visualize how every moving part of an organization works together—particularly if they exist in separate physical locations. Analytics on cloud implementation provides a solution that brings together data sources from across the entire organization.

This process enables advanced services to be brought online to utilize data mining tools and create real-time models. Such models with a complete picture of the entire organization help to inform immediate business decisions as data becomes available.


Growing businesses have scaling business needs too. Business data often grows exponentially faster than the organization itself. Moving to a cloud-based model simplifies the scaling required to meet new demand. The comparison is between adding extra subscription options and purchasing, installing, and maintaining new hardware solutions.The cloud is capable of scaling in response to sudden spikes in demand. Simply bringing more instances online in a flash is far better than turning away good business intelligence.

Reduced Costs

In-house analytics is a daunting and costly enterprise. Siphoning skills and expertise from core operations, very few small or mid-size organizations can compete with global corporations for IT talent.

Cloud analytics companies exist to absorb the costs of expert employees, specialized hardware, and maintenance associated with cloud analytics. These services provide valuable assets to clients who could not otherwise support these demands on their own.

Expertise and experience in the field ensure downtime is minimized through careful security monitoring and continual upgrades.

Sharing and Collaboration

Data consolidation and ease of access have shown to increase sharing and collaboration among employees. Businesses with multiple locations benefit most, showing a remarkable uptick in productivity and well-being as a result.

Cloud solutions make it simple to transfer and collaborate on data in real time. Being able to access data from anywhere in the world makes a host of new opportunities possible. Many have found it a boost to telecommuting employees, distributed teams, and communicating with remote shareholders.

Cloud Analytics Transforming Your Business

Trianz is a world-leading firm in business intelligence solutions. Working with hundreds of organizations and having over decades of experience, we’ve put many big businesses on the map by using their own data to power them forward.

Our knowledge and experience in helping to transform modern business in ways few could previously imagine.

Get in touch with our cloud analytics teams today to find out about transforming your firm into a next-wave industry leader.

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