Three Major Considerations for Cloud-Managed Security Services

The cloud-enabled age of “SaaS” has fundamentally changed the software landscape and given rise to some of the world’s highest-growth brands. Smartphone users take advantage of this model each day, but few ever stop to consider the potential risks involved in storing or sharing private data in a public cloud. Fortunately, these risks are largely mitigated by managed security services that run quietly in the background of all the best apps. These services have evolved to the point of nearly justifying a new use of the well-known acronym: “SaaS,” but in the sense of “Security as a Service” in cloud computing. At Trianz, we add value in three main ways through cloud managed security.


When it comes to agility, it is important to consider not only the speed with which your managed security service provider responds to individual threats, but also its ability to anticipate and adapt to large-scale attacks that transform over time. Here is how you benefit from agile-managed security services with Trianz:

  • As current threats change, we change our approach to neutralizing them. Our experts stay at the bleeding edge of cybersecurity technology to offer the best possible options for addressing the risks you face every day.
  • As new threats arise, we rise to the occasion with new solutions. Since our primary focus is developing a sustainable security strategy for your company, we are already working today on protection you will need in the coming months and years.

The more agile your cloud-managed security services are, the more confident you can be in their ability to handle shifting security targets over time.

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If the agility of cloud-managed security services mainly concerns outward-facing aspects of data protection, then flexibility concerns everything facing inward—just as external risks evolve, so do internal systems and requirements. Providers of “Security as a Service” who prioritize flexibility can make it easy for you to reshape security features to fit the needs of your tools and information. At Trianz, we do this in at least two ways:

  • From the very beginning, we offer partnership with an expert consultant. Our consultants gather detailed security requirements based not only on your present systems, but also your plans and projections.
  • From milestone to milestone, we track your progress and make suggestions along the way. As new technologies are created and new benchmarks are set, your organization will naturally migrate from one system to another, and when you do, we will be there to guide you to the best security solutions.

The pace at which companies adopt new software seems to be constantly accelerating, but the best way to relieve stress during your next round of upgrades is to collaborate with a team of veterans like the one we have at Trianz.


Agility and flexibility complement each other in companies of all sizes, but sometimes, the main issue is size itself: whether sheer volume of data, the number of concurrent systems, or even the population of users reading and writing files. Irrespective of viable threats or needed system updates, your bottom line is business growth, and rapid growth requires rapid scaling. This is how Trianz helps you stay safe while you grow:

  • We implement a proven auditing and assessment process. With a focus on governance and compliance, our control processes help you anticipate needs through periods of expansion.
  • We offer a suite of overlapping services to capture any future needs. Our end-to-end solutions eliminate blind spots that could otherwise limit the speed of your progress.

One of your biggest goals with respect to cloud-managed security services is certainly to maintain agility and flexibility at any size. We are here to help you achieve just that—with a measured approach.

Our years of experience with enterprise clients have taught us the fundamentals of Security as a Service, and we are well prepared to help you achieve your objectives as dedicated collaborators in the security space.

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