Transform Data with Tableau

For those of you in the dark, Tableau is a top CRM and analytics platform that was recently acquired by Salesforce. Along with data and business analytics, Tableau delves into data visualization: presenting data in a way that is understandable even to the non-analyst. Making these presentations aesthetically pleasing can't be understated as a powerful means of conveying the message effectively. The process overall includes data analysis, presentation, and then producing business insights to improve or change the trajectory of the business with these customer digital transformations. Often, large corporations will outsource the transitional period to Tableau consulting companies.

Expert Solutions with Tableau

As your managed service provider, and data visualization firm, Trianz will utilize its partnership with Tableau and role as one of the best Tableau consulting companies to deploy the platform in your environment and produce business insights you couldn't have foreseen otherwise. The Tableau analytics platform as a business intelligence tool will give you a pan-organizational view of your company's resources, data, and resource utilization to shine wisdom on the numbers, so to speak. It's only when an organization takes a hard look at themselves that they can see what needs to be modified to produce better outcomes for your bottom line.

What are Some Success Stories?

  • Lufthansa gained 30% efficiency in analytics processes, enjoyed greater flexibility, and saw increased departmental autonomy thanks to Tableau.
  • The University of Michigan Medical Center reported saving 5,000 analyst hours in a single year, all thanks to Tableau as an enterprise analytics platform.
  • PepsiCo cut down analysis time by up to 90%, using the Tableau software in conjunction with Trifacta. How did they achieve that? Just think of the billions of products PepsiCo sells every single day all over the globe. The amount of data to parse from vendors, retail chains, and individuals are astronomical. With so much data, mistakes are bound to be made, and without modern processes, these large organizations will be stuck in the mud. That's where Tableau data visualization really shines.
  • Charles Schwab put Tableau as a business intelligence and analytics platform in the hands of over 16,000 employees. The organization saw superior alignment of nationwide retail branches, better customer satisfaction tracking, and a more BI empowered and data driven workforce.

All of these successes compounded each company's ability to keep a finger on the pulse of the day to day operations, being able to make smarter and better decisions for the future.

Collective Potential, Competitive Advantage

As a large organization that is broken up into teams and departments, how do you see Tableau as a business intelligence and analytics platform helping you on a day to day basis? To quote Tableau's creators, the enterprise analytics platform is all about turning "collective potential into a competitive advantage," as well as making appropriate customer digital transformations. Individuals and teams, collectively, will be able to unlock their creativity, work faster, and be better informed than ever. You may have everyone on call or at the board meeting viewing, analyzing, and modifying a single report being shared with all. The seamless experience will only shed light on the issues, and not distract with frivolous details and an underwhelming user interface.

As partners in Tableau, and as a data visualization firm, let Trianz utilize its role as a tableau consulting company to help you make the transition to a culture that's rooted and enriched with high-level customer, product, and internal data. Don't let the insights fall through the cracks as your efficiency and quarter trajectories falter. What's worse than missing out? As the dynamics of older processes for data analytics fall by the wayside, you need a responsive, attractive, and intelligent platform that works. Definitely consider Tableau, a top CRM and analytics platform we highly recommend.

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