What Your Organization Needs to Know About Application Migration to Cloud-Based Platforms

Information technology is in a state of flux. Your company needs the best platforms, operating at the highest efficiency to stay competitive in a world that is in a constant state of innovation.

Application migration, too, is a continuous process, naturally inclined toward the latest technologies. It shaves expenses, improves performance, and shrinks the time-to-market for your critical applications, whether public-facing or in-house.

Migration to cloud-based platforms is not easy but with the right expertise, the whole process can be fast, inexpensive and effective.

How you plan your Migration to Cloud:

  • Understand which Cloud Solution fits your needs - Evaluate which cloud offerings meet your operational requirements, taking into consideration cost, usability, flexibility, scalability, security, and access.

  • Decide on a Cloud Migration Strategy - Different strategies to move your applications to the cloud, including rehosting, replatforming, and refactoring.

  • Plan your Budget - Estimate your cloud computing costs before you attempt any migration. Factors to consider include licensing, setup, and data storage costs, as well as ongoing maintenance costs

  • Know your Applications - Ensure visibility, run a discovery to identify any applications or components you may have overlooked. A discovery can also help you determine which components you can do without, so you can reduce your migration footprint. Some architecture components are easily replaced on the cloud.

  • Plan for Maintenance - Moving to the cloud reduces your management burden, as the cloud provider handles most of your hardware and software maintenance needs.

  • Prepare a Disaster Recovery Plan - Have a cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) solution in place. This is cheaper than an on-premise DR solution. Use a DR plan that replicates your on-premise infrastructure in the cloud and continuously updates your data. This will allow you to continue working as normal, via the cloud, in the event that your hardware is damaged.

Why businesses of all sizes are moving to cloud-based application hosting?

Cloud-based hosting has come to dominate services in almost every sector for several reasons:

  • Economy - As cloud platforms operate their services around the world at an enormous scale, they enjoy efficiencies that make them far more affordable than entirely in-house solutions.

  • Availability - The multiple, global availability zones operated by cloud providers also offers fast, stable connections to your international workforce regardless of location.

  • Flexibility - With cloud-based applications, the kind of delays and incompatibilities that come with device-centric applications become a thing of the past. Programmers have continuous, instant access to code running in the cloud, allowing them to rapidly roll out patches and updates to keep your apps in sync with the latest business demands.

Cloud-based application migration aligns IT services across the board

Application migration to the cloud also works for your IT department. Centralizing IT services in cloud-based platforms offers a host of benefits for technology staff dealing with growing demands from both operations and executives.

  • Unified service provider - Moving applications into the same cloud structure as your current data storage and networking infrastructure allows a deep level of integration between data, processing operations and connectivity.

  • Simplified billing - Accounting can be complex in global business but with cloud-based services, it is easy to determine what applications are being used by which business elements, improving accountability and tracking across the board.

  • Platform familiarity - IT staff who are constantly working with the same cloud provider can work more efficiently because they have the opportunity to get familiar with the tools and processes involved.

Cloud-based applications offer enormous leverage for IT services. But the risks of migration are high, so selecting the right provider to make the transition quickly and securely is of the highest importance.

Why Trianz is the clear choice for your application migration to the cloud?

Transitioning to cloud-based applications needs to be performed under the guidance of skilled experts with a proven track record of success.

  • We have partnered with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, offering an inside track on the two biggest cloud platforms operating today.

  • We handle both, application and data migrations, giving us a better insight into the process than competitors.

  • We have skilled coders who can optimize your application code in conjunction with migrations, giving you faster and cleaner apps on the other side of the process than what you started with.

We have decades of experience behind us to make your migration process, both fast and reliable. Our consultants keep you in the loop at every stage to ensure that your end-stage goals are always in sight. We take security seriously and you can always be assured that your migrated apps will maintain the highest standards for regulatory compliance.

No matter what you choose as your cloud platform, we have the industry expertise to help you adapt to your applications. Get in touch!

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