Why is Digital Benchmarking Important?

How is the digital strategy for your business working? Is there a proactive strategy in place, or is your IT staff constantly scrambling to keep up with the demands of the company? If your IT department is not helping the other departments to operate on the cutting-edge, then you are missing out on the digital age. If you are looking to improve on the way things are done at your company, the first step is to get acquainted with the digital benchmarking process.

Failing to plan

Digital benchmarking is essential for planning for the future. When a business begins a digital transformation initiative, they only have a 7% chance of meeting their goals, if they don’t plan properly from the start. Compare this with data-driven companies, who we refer to as “digital champions”, widely recognized as technology leaders in their industries. The adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” rings true in this scenario.

Knowing the needs of the business

One of the key purposes of technology is to provide a business with the tools needed to serve the customers. An IT department must ensure the availability of all these technology tools, and development of new tools as needed. This is why a part of digital benchmarking strategy is to work with key departments throughout an organization to understand their needs. There are many ways this can be done during the benchmarking process, including:

  • Interviewing department leads – Gathering insights from key individuals throughout your organization will help us identify exactly how various departments are relying on technology.

  • Analyzing competitors’ use of technology – We can analyze the way technology is used by other companies in your industry. This is done to identify what works and what should be avoided for your digital transformation.

  • Reviewing current uses of technology – Knowing exactly how technology is used throughout your organization is key. Based on this analysis, we can identify what is being done right and what needs to change in order to optimize the way your business operates.

Showing the business new possibilities

While meeting the requirements of a business is essential, that is not where a digital strategy should end. A good IT department will also lead the way for new features and options for the business. Many people who are not active in the IT industry are unaware of the possibilities they can explore and act upon.

  • Introducing new technologies – Showing leaders throughout the business the types of technologies that are currently available to them, and the options that could be added, is an exciting experience.

  • Discussing tech “wishlists” – Talking to managers in your business about their expectations from technology is a profitable use of time. In many cases, things that non-tech people think would be impossible are easy to accomplish.

  • Looking at priorities – Discovering what advancements each department needs is a good start. Part of a digital transformation strategy, however, is also knowing what to complete right away, and what can wait until a later stage of the process.

Trianz consultants are experts at taking advanced technological concepts and presenting them in a way that anyone can understand. Discussing the latest technologies will provide insights on where your current IT infrastructure is effective, and where it needs to improve, which is an important part of any digital benchmarking effort.

Initiate your benchmarking process with Trianz

Don’t leave your company’s digital transformation to chance. Contact Trianz to discuss your current situation and have our consultants come out to help with the digital benchmarking process. We have data from thousands of companies across the globe that we can use to compare your situation with. We can develop a transformation strategy based on that information that will help take your business to the next level.

Contact us to learn more about our digital benchmarking services and discover where a successful strategy can take you.

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