Why SCCM alone can't manage mobility demands

One of the biggest risks to enterprises is the remote user; especially the remote user who is on public Wi-Fi and never in the office. What’s interesting - is most of the folks never in the office are some of the highest performing sales, marketing and customer relationship managers your firm has. All of them are smart and all of them know enough about IT to be a danger to themselves and others.

They also, usually have a problematic relationship with IT and corporate rules in general. From the busy IT manager, or director and sometimes the CISO - who they have their personal cellphone – “a problem” can occur and even if not q true issue “the problem” frequently leave a breathless “I’m-just this-close-to-landing-a-maior-deal-and-I-need-to-update-my-Flash-player-and-I-can’t-because-I-am-locked-down, -call-me-back-Kay?” We all know someone like this who of course neglects their asset id and user id when hysterically leaving voice mail. The help desk is for “other” people.

If these folks are on sketchy public-Wi-Fi which is blocking SSL VPN and IPSEC tunnels your System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) infrastructure cannot help you fix this “problem” which - woke the CISO up at 4:00AM. Unless you have some other remote management solution in place you are reduced to giving up admin passwords, and walking through a really non-technical person how to install the update; remotely over a poor-quality cell phone connection.

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Mobility demands capability and the capability to help the “high performing problem” is sadly not found in the storied windows domain centric solution of Microsoft’s SCCM. What’s required is a solution to be able to deliver what is needed, when it’s needed no matter where it’s needed. This is the modern business challenge which “inside the network” tools can’t deliver. A global workforce requires a global solution to make the “problem” go away.

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