Positioned as Market Challenger in ISG Provider Lens Digital Business Transformation U.S. 2019 Report

When Charles Darwin postulated the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ evolutionary theory, little did he realize how potent it would be in the corporate context too. Now more than ever, when enterprises’ survival is a function of them having a distinct digital competitive edge.

Modern day businesses are acutely aware of the overwhelming necessity to evolve, and transform themselves, into digital entities. Especially because it’s the only way they will thrive in rapidly altering environments where competition and customer requirements are constantly changing. Achieving maximum efficiency and agility is a challenge in such environments, and keeping pace with the speed of this change is critical.

Digital transformational service providers of consequence must, therefore, necessarily combine maximum automation with autonomy, providing multi-platform compatibility. Their service delivery must be based on ubiquitous communications and information networks. Also, they must be able to carry out the process basis an integrated service management approach.

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