ITOM is about being proactive

Each company has its own, unique IT infrastructure designed to meet a wide range of customer needs and requests. As companies grow, their increase in complexity and require more support personnel. At a certain stage, it is vital to monitor all available IT services and automate as many of them as possible - often simply to keep up with normal maintenance, changes, and outages, but also, occasionally, to avoid total system failure.

Just as tracking revenue is crucial to helping your company reach its financial goals, tracking IT operations is essential to responding quickly to serious problems and eliminating waste wherever possible. Some companies attempt to tackle this significant problem alone, but fortunately, Trianz offers you a partnership that comes with access to a set of tools we have developed to facilitate IT system diagnostics and adaptive automation. These tools give you the power to eradicate low-level ticket triage, ultimately keeping your IT personnel available to solve truly complex problems. With our help, your IT team can become more proactive by automatically anticipating the needs and queries of your business service owners. This white paper investigates how Trianz enables IT teams to take control of their operations management. ITOM

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