Increase agility while you eliminate the risks and costs of your storage management with STaaS.

With the introduction of the cloud, we saw a vast paradigm shift in enterprise computing. This came in the form of on-demand resource access, elastic scaling, and the evolving "as-a-Service" industry. One such service is Storage as a service (STaaS) with which access to data storage can be compartmentalized and delivered as a discrete service. This means that enterprises can access cloud storage without worrying about managing the underlying infrastructure.

At Trianz, our experts have been at the forefront of digital evolution. We have helped hundreds of our clients leverage the benefits of the cloud, including new storage paradigms such as STaaS. By partnering with STaaS leaders like Zadara Storage, Trianz has helped our clients expand their cloud storage capacity while minimizing the management burden on their IT department.

STaaS benefits

When compared to on-prem, the cloud is a much better choice for big data warehousing scenarios, mainly due to its expansive scalability, and virtually limitless storage space and processing capacity.

By implementing STaaS, your enterprise will experience benefits such as:

  • Reduced capital expenditure – With on-prem data storage, if you run out of capacity, you will need to buy more hard drives to accommodate your data. This results in significant upfront capital expenditure on hardware acquisition, which can cause cashflow problems.

    With the consumption-based pricing model of STaaS, you can avoid these huge costs by paying only for the storage that you use. The reduced price of operating in the cloud can also significantly reduce your IT operations management (ITOM) expenditure, freeing up capital for new business developments.

  • Managed service SLA – With an on-prem data center, you are at the mercy of your hardware. If something fails, your IT department will scramble to rectify the problem, often with additional costs for replacement hardware.

    With STaaS, you can offload operations management workloads to a third party storage provider who will manage the hardware, maintain and upgrade servers as per usage outlined in a service level agreement (SLA).

  • Offsite replication – With traditional data storage strategies, backup storage was a difficult task. Running daily backups used to increase the administrative load and restoring from tape-based storage would take days to complete.

STaaS services from Trianz

Trianz is a leading STaaS provider, which has helped hundreds of our clients leverage the immense potential of "as-a-Service" models. We have a close partnership relationship with Zadara, a storage solution specialist that combines industry-standard hardware and patented software to deliver enterprise-class speed, security, and scalability — together with the convenience of the cloud. Operate with confidence in any data type and any protocol in any location. With Zadara, your data storage and management system are always in sync with your requirements. By implementing STaaS, we have helped our clients minimize their operating costs and maximize service quality, creating a solid foundation for long-term business growth.

We offer a range of STaaS assessment and implementation services, including:

  • Data migration – Your business is heavily reliant on data to operate, so careful planning and foresight will be needed to minimize disruption to business continuity. Also, data migration is no simple task, with lift and shift migrations often failing due to architectural incompatibilities.

  • Backup and recovery – The cloud has allowed many enterprises to improve their backup and recovery initiatives, thanks to lower operating costs and push-button replication to different geolocations.

  • Distributed Data for resilience and security – Multi-Zone High Availability (MZ-HA) geographically distributed replication option. With it, both on-premises and cloud customers have the opportunity to spread their data for a true high-availability storage solution geographically.

  • Secure encryption – STaaS built with security in mind. Your data is stored on dedicated hardware, and protected with in-flight and at-rest encryption. Also, because you manage your keys, only clients control access to your data.

  • Microsoft integration / Replicate to any cloud - Microsoft-compatible solution, including iSCSI block (SAN) and NFS/CIFS file (NAS) storage, application quiescing, and low-impact snapshots. Clients can replicate to any cloud.

  • Keep mission-critical apps up and running - On-premises and off automatically replicate data across a metropolitan area network to ensure your mission-critical applications stay running in almost any circumstance.

  • Multi-cloud capability and separate cloud solution failover - Clients can connect to all the leading cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and other leading providers concurrently — giving you the ability to failover to an entirely separate cloud.

  • Self-Service - Adjust your storage structure as needed, using a GUI and REST API. Adjust processor performance, the quantity, and types of dedicated drives (SSD, SAS, and SATA), and the level of data protection (RAID 1, 5, 6, 10) at any time. Graphical performance logging allows you to oversee and optimize application performance.

  • Managed STaaS – Live, proactive management, and support 24/7/365. Notifications, alerts based on operating thresholds. Periodic, non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades. Trianz can handle the relationship with your chosen STaaS provider, ensuring that they adhere to pre-agreed SLAs. Trianz can also bolster your data governance and regulatory compliance with expert configuration and administration of your STaaS datasets.

Why Trianz?

During the starting phases of cloud computing, over a decade ago, Trianz has witnessed an evolution in enterprise computing strategy. Storage methods have evolved as well to adjust to the client's demands. Trianz eliminates the burdens associated with enterprise storage solution by delivering industry-leading enterprise SAN, NAS, and Object storage that is fully-managed service, with 24/7 proactive monitoring and support - backed by a 100%-uptime guarantee and wrapped in the industry's only accurate consumption-based model. Trianz experts are well-versed in this emerging industry and can help you maximize the value this technology brings to your business.

Get ahead of the competition and implement STaaS with Trianz today!

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