Eliminate Barriers to Success with Data Warehousing

Business intelligence (BI) is one of the most valuable assets of a modern company. At the heart of the process is the collection, analysis, storage, and retrieval of vast amounts of data relevant to your organization. Handled poorly, this data can be more detrimental than helpful. A data warehouse prevents this by collecting, curating, and managing data from various diverse sources in a single central location.

The core of every successful business intelligence system is a robust and reliable data warehouse. Whether data is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured in nature—data warehouse solutions provide a uniform interface to help organizations understand and make the most of their enterprise data.

Benefits of a Data Warehouse

Data warehouse solutions originally arose several decades ago as a response to retail sales challenges of the time. Since then, their adoption has spread through every industry reliant on solid data to make intelligent business decisions.

Firms that rely on vast amounts of data from a diverse array of sources are particularly well-suited to adopting an analytics data warehouse. The capabilities of data warehousing solutions enable powerful analytics and visualization solutions to be used against complex data sets.

While such solutions were once exclusively reserved for IT experts and those from a technical, scientific, or academic background, one of the great advantages of the modern data warehouse is the simplicity of the technology used to access complex data sets. Data analysis methods have been largely democratized in recent years thanks, in part, to data warehousing solutions.

Industries that rely heavily on data warehouse consulting services include:

  • Airlines

  • Healthcare providers

  • Banking Institutions

  • Insurance companies

Organizations that value a rigid, demonstrable, and systematic approach to decision-making value data warehousing for its ability to collect and produce actionable information from a single portal. Often critical steps of regulatory compliance exist within data warehouse solutions by design.

Using a Data Warehouse

The Trianz data warehouse consulting team specializes in empowering organizations to manage powerful data solutions.

Successful outcomes of data warehouse consulting services are focused on enabling business users to rapidly access critical data from multiple sources in a single place. This solution shouldn’t require in-depth technical knowledge, specialist information about the structure of the data source, or a detailed understanding of the system behind it. The system should simply be capable of delivering solutions to its users.

Achieving these goals can have a transformational effect on client organizations. Often resulting in better evidence-based decision making, richer visualization technologies, and reusable workflows to power future success.

Types of Data Warehouse:

  • Offline—Data is periodically updated from the operational database

  • Real Time—The data warehouse is updated when a transaction takes place in the operational database

  • Integrated—The data warehouse is updated continuously when the system performs a transaction

Data warehousing solutions provide the tools and skills necessary to interrogate information from data that may not otherwise yield results.

Often, our clients have found hidden patterns from historical data sets that would have remained invisible without data warehousing strategies. These data relationships are frequently the keys to future success as they enable organizations to capitalize on future opportunities.

Transforming Business with an Effective Data Warehouse

Trianz leads the industry in creating data warehouse solutions for large enterprise clients. Enabling powerful collaboration and delivering industry-changing insights, our data warehouse solutions prepare businesses for the future.

By aligning our data warehousing expertise with principle stakeholder interests, we enable organizations to stay ahead of the curve with their data solutions.

Get in touch with our data warehouse consulting team today to find solutions that could protect your business into the future.

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